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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The latest installment of the Great Transatlantic Chicken Wars: I got a score of 165 that beat Nancy's 163 just barely, but not Neil H.'s awesome 185. Other than that, I had one try that was only 98 points (GRRR! what's up with that?!?), an aborted attempt in which I tried flying back and forth between targets to see if you could keep gathering points and time (you can't) and two aborted attempts in which I did so badly at the beginning 2 - 3 targets that I knew there wouldn't be a high score so there was no point in finishing.

Other than that, I did my 30 minutes of aerobics that was actually 33 thanks to the timing of various exercises. I'm sticking with it but the last two days have been difficult. Weekends are fine but I can't seem to find a good weekday routine. Last night I got home kinda late so we were late getting dinner on the table and eating. Alan was starving by then so we ate first and I waited a bit, then worked out. It was horrible working out after dinner; I felt bloaty and gross and it was obvious that I was too tired at that point to do well in my workouts. All my scores were way off my usual pace, much less my best. And it wasn't because I'd gorged or anything - we heated up leftover Chinese food and I had: a crab angel, two potstickers, and 3 or 4 noms of Mandarin chicken with some rice, so it wasn't like my seven-course meal was weighing me down.

Therefore, tonight we had some errands to run and after we were home and dinner was ready, Alan ate but I waited, intending to get my workout in first and then dine. The first thing the little Asian woman who lives in the balance board said to me? "Have you eaten dinner yet? It's not a good idea to exercise on an empty stomach because it puts too much strain on the body." GAH! I can't win.

I don't want to get up earlier to exercise in the mornings because, first and foremost, I don't want to get up earlier. I am not a morning person. I mean, I'm really not a morning person. Vampires look at me and say, "Damn, you're nocturnal!" It's hard enough getting up and moving on a regular day. Also, it's getting warm enough in Georgia now that even early in the morning, a 30-minute workout is going to leave me sweaty, gross and wanting a shower. I don't take morning showers; I take evening bubble baths and they relax me, de-stress me and are something I look forward to during the days when work is awful. So, I don't want to give that up and flip-flop my routine. Then there's the not insignificant fact that workouts on Monday interfere with valuable Top Gear time.

I'm not trying to find excuses not to do it...I'm keeping at it, I'm just grumbly. (Theme of my life: I'll do it, and I'll do it well, but I'm gonna bitch about it quite a bit.) Those of you who exercise, how do you do it? When do you integrate the workout into your daily routine?


  • Bo and I are absolutely against early morning workouts as well. So we try to get out to the gym in the evenings. It normally ends up being a little later. I can eat a lot and still work out, but I do get a better workout if I haven't had as much. I've been doing mostly cardio lately, but Bo tells me I need to add some weight training as well. I think he just doesn't like having to carry all the band equipment by himself...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 PM  

  • I have a lovely 8-4 work schedule. I also joined a gym that is one my way home from work. So, for one, they are taking money outta my account every month. AND, I pass by the right-hand-into-the-parking-lot gym everyday. I just do cardio, love that eliptical. Oh, and p.s. it may have been the sodium in that chinese that made you feel bloaty

    By Anonymous Summer, at 5:23 PM  

  • Finding time has been my biggest challenge, and really I've only been able to work out consistently since I started working half time and can come home early and do it before Anthony gets home from school. Once he's home, he wants my attention. And once he's gone to bed, Mark usually has the tv on, and he'll turn it off to let me use the Wii if I ask, but I'd rather do it when there's no one around to bother.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 11:04 AM  

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