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Sunday, April 04, 2010

My weekend is askew, timewise. I had planned to get up early, take the dogs to the vet, run my errands and spend even more time than usual on the Wii Fit, getting my "real" workout out of the way and then exploring some of the yoga stuff. However, at about 4AM Saturday morning, we were awakened by Baby Esme throwing up. She got sick over and over, so there were several blankies to launder. Then, neither of us could go back to sleep until we knew she was okay. She would rest for a while, then hurl some more, so we were up with her for a while.

Fortunately, I had a vet appointment for the Chihuahuas already set for 9:45AM. Nothing was wrong with them, but they needed their pawnails cut. Yes, I'm such a loser that I can't cut my dogs' toenails; I have to get the vet to do it. This is because (a) they are SO SMALL; (b) Mister Fusspot's pawnails are black, making it impossible to see the quick and (c) when Sprocket was a wee puppy, I cut one of his pawnails too short, made him yelp in pain and it bled, and over a decade later, I haven't gotten over the guilt so - yeah, I'll pay the vet $12 instead of risking hurting them. (He'll cut pawnails free during a regular exam but if that's all we need, it's twelve bucks.)

So, while the pups were in for mani-pedi, Dr. Smith took a look at Esme's little abdomen. He said it was nothing major like an obstruction, just something she'd eaten that made her ill and that we could expect gas and possibly diarrhea. I was so relieved that it was nothing serious! Once we'd dropped the dogs off back home, we went to B.J.'s for some supplies, came home and switched cars so we could enjoy this incredibly lovely Georgia day in the convertible and ran more errands.

Off to Target, the vacuum cleaner store (for some reason, finding a new belt for our Dirt Devil vacuum has been more difficult than one would think and required a trip to a specialty store), lunch at our favorite restaurant outside on the patio - did I mention what a beautiful day it was? - and then home, by which time we were both exhausted. I switched a load of blankies from the washer to the dryer and went to bed for a nap. Alan joined me a few minutes later and we slept for HOURS.

Once we got up again, I did my workout (40 minutes today, but I'm making sure I do at least 30 every time), then Alan did his and then we played some games just for fun: various Wii Fit, Wii Sports and Wii Resort. We have been diligent about our Wii Fit workouts; we've done 6 days out of 7 since last Sunday, and the reason we missed Monday was that we had hockey tickets and didn't get home until late. Alan has lost 4 pounds already! I don't know how much I've lost; it's a bit of a quandary. On the one hand, I'd be encouraged if, like Alan, I'd lost four pounds so quickly but on the other, I'd be very discouraged if I hadn't lost anything or if - gods forbid - I've gained a pound. I don't want to know, for fear of being depressed, so I plan to wait and re-check once visuals and clothing tell me it HAS to be good news.

We're enjoying the Wii. Aside from the Fit workouts, Alan even plays games without my encouragement and suggestion. Ha, I knew I'd get him over to the Dark Side eventually. Step one: Wii wakeboarding. Step Two: Final Fantasy. Step Three: Profit. I'm still working on the technicalities of Step Three.

Now I'm wide awake at 1:30AM, waiting for the Formula One Grand Prix in Malaysia to start. At the moment it's pre-race stuff. I may not make it till the end of the race...even if I do, I'll sleep most of tomorrow. Still, worth it all - Schumacher's back and driving a Benz.


  • Oh, tell me about Wii Resort! Do I want that?

    I dedicated myself to beating your score at flying chicken today and after about ten games, I got 163!

    By Blogger Nancy, at 7:37 PM  

  • Bitch.

    Oh, kidding, that gives me a time to beat. We've ordered Mario Karts and expect to compete against you guys on line, as soon as you explain to us how to do that.

    Wii Resort has some very neat games - golf and bowling like on Wii Sports but in addition are: basketball, table tennis, swordfighting (you knock your opponent off a high platform into the sea), archery, wakeboarding (which Alan is SPECTACULAR at doing), jetski-ing through an obstacle course, flying a plane around the island, frisbee that you play with a doggie (which for us is Sprocket because we made him a doggie Mii), riding a segway around a course breaking balloons - probably others that I disremember. I don't know that we'd have purchased it just on the description but it was free in the bundle o'swag we got at Best Buy, and many of the games have turned out to be VERY MUCH FUN.

    By Blogger Helly, at 9:12 PM  

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