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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everything went right this afternoon. I have enough days where nothing goes right so today was a celebratory Tuesday. I had several errands to run after work and everything went smoothly - no items not in stock or not in my size and several pleasant surprises.

I needed mascara so I stopped at Macy's only to find that Lancome was giving a free gift with purchase: a makeup bag, purse-sized mascara, full sized lipstick, four eyeshadow palette, moisturizer, eye makeup remover and a small size of this stuff, which I LOVE. Lancome is one of those things that I think costs more for a very good reason; a little goes a long way and the products are simply superior to a lot of cheaper things I've tried. And I got a lot of swag today for $26. The lady gave me a free perfume sample too. I don't think I care for it, but it was very nice of her to do. Score!

Then, as I was wandering back out I spied the coolest gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up - at least I think it's way cool; I hope she does. Even better, it turned out to be on clearance! I'd have paid full price because I liked it that much; I didn't choose it because it was on sale, it just caught my eye and I thought of her. However, the lower price meant I was able to get her a second item that I also think will be great on her. Score again!

Next I headed to Kohl's to see if they had a pair of shoes I wanted. These are, if you know me personally, the black ballet flats with decorative straps and buckles that I wear a lot. The soles are coming apart, which I can't legitimately complain about since I've had them for months (maybe over a year, I'm not sure), I wear them multiple times a week and they were $35. The soles are rubber so they can't be repaired like leather-soled shoes, only glued and that's a temporary fix. But not only did Kohl's still have them, they had one pair left in my size. Score thrice!

I stopped by Target to get a birthday card for my friend and they had my puppies' all-time, best ever, number one favorite treat not only in stock, but on sale. Score four!

Last stop, Petco to get Vimes a new collar. He's scratched his nylon woven one until it's all frayed and furry. He wanted a purple collar, which I couldn't find in his size, but I got him a brown leather one with brass buttons because that seemed to me kind of evocative of policemen's brass and the real (by which I mean the fictional) Commander Vimes is a policeman. So I got him that one and added bag of these other treats they like because I had a 25% off coupon, but it could only be used if I spent over a certain threshold. Score five! - and maybe five and a half, because of the coupon.

When I got home, I did a scientific puppy treat taste test by putting samples of the two different treats in front of them to see which they scooped up first. Results were mixed. Mister Fusspot went for one treat first, Vimes the other, and Esme put everything in her mouth at once and ran to the back of the house to snack.

It's minor in the scheme of things, I suppose, but it was so nice to run errands and come home with everything I wanted and more.


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