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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Here’s the long, sordid update on my missing tooth. Back at the dentist for a two-and-a-half hour stay on Tuesday and the first thing that happened was that the hygienist starts doing a lot of scraping and poking in preparation for an in-depth cleaning. I was nervous but doing okay(ish). Then she started a cleaning where she blasted my teeth with a baking soda and water mixture of FREEZING cold water and rinsed it off with FREEZING cold water. My teeth have always been very sensitive to cold; this is not a new problem or recent development. So that part was painful, on some teeth more than others especially my bottom front ones. I was starting to get a little upset because it was hurting quite a bit. I got through it, though I was a little shaky.

Next the dentist came in to take a bunch of photos, no problem. I could handle that. Then another lady took over to make the molds of my mouth so he can make the appliances, which involves goo in a bite tray. I did okay with the one for my bottom teeth though yanking out the mold hurt some because of the freezing cold blasting treatment. But when she squished in the top one, the goo felt like it was going down the back of my throat. This triggered my gag reflex, I felt like I was choking and started to panic. I tried to get the thing out of my mouth so I could swallow, but she held my head in a death grip and kept a hold on the tray. She was trying to be nice and talk me through it, “Breathe…breathe through your nose…you’re okay, you’re okay…” I kept gagging and freaking out which culminated in a full-on panic attack. She finally got the tray out but I was a wreck. They made me sit in a room for a while after my ordeal because they didn't want me to drive home, and wanted to call my mom instead. After about half an hour, I felt quasi up to it and drove myself home. ($1,100.00 later, not counting the nearly $800.00 my insurance paid. And that's only about 15% of what this total experience is going to cost. Sigh.)

Now that he has the molds, he’s going to make me what he calls “Sunday teeth” (at least one thing about Tuesday made me laugh) which won't be a sturdy permanent bridge or implant, but a front tooth just for show, not for eating. He says it’ll look fine until they’re ready with the permanent stuff, I just can’t go taking bites out of apples with it. I am anxious to get that part done so I can quit feeling like a freak when I have to go out in public.


  • That sounded like an awful experience. I have a terrible gag reflex - I know I would have gone into full hysterics if that had happened to me. I'm sorry you're going through this. "Sunday teeth" sounds fancy!

    By Blogger Nancy Heiges, at 6:31 PM  

  • It was awful, Nancy. Full hysterics is not far short of what happened. I'm still waiting to hear, but I hope I have a front tooth by the time you guys come over, or lacking that, that you're not too embarrassed by your hillbilly friend! "Livin' in a trailer park, shootin' guns after dark, yellin' loud as I can, havin' me a Champagne Jam!"

    By Blogger Helly, at 3:19 PM  

  • I have a bridge on the right side. Took a whole summer to build because when the first one was put in, I bit down (at the dentist office) and it broke in half. The one I have is in very good shape and I hope it lasts the rest of my life because as you pointed out, the cost, even with insurance is prohibitive.

    Also, the gibberish I have to type to post this comment looks as if it was written with a bad pencil. Good thing I have good vision. Why do you make me type the gibberish to leave the comment?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:39 AM  

  • That really does sound awful. The thought of having to pay so much to go through something so unpleasant... I don't know what to say, but you have my sympathy.

    By Blogger Still Trying, at 1:53 PM  

  • Oh Helly. That sounds terrible. I hate going to the dentist so I'm just glad you were able to get through the ordeal. basil

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:19 AM  

  • DKZody, I disabled the word capture and got 7 spam comments in two hours. So sorry, but I turned it back on.

    By Blogger Helly, at 7:12 AM  

  • I’m so sorry about your ordeal, Helly! I can totally understand why you panicked with the top part of the impression tray, but procedure-wise, what that lady did was right. Because the alginate mix was already in your mouth, the mold was starting to form, and alginate isn’t exactly cheap, so redoing it must be avoided as much as possible. Your case isn’t an isolated one though; some people gag at the metal or plastic of the trays. I’m glad your next appointment went better though.

    By Anonymous Trinidad Philipps, at 8:37 AM  

  • Thanks! I know she was doing the right thing, but it was scary.

    By Blogger Helly, at 12:36 PM  

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