The Hellhole

Friday, July 06, 2012

Gosh, last night I really wanted to go out to dinner (I'd seen a TV commercial with pictures of certain food I couldn't get out of my drooling mind, ha!) so we did and then we decided to go to Publix to pick up Syfo water, to which we are addicted thanks to Nancy. The Publix is about 5 miles from our house and when we got there, we were conversing about how (in typical Georgia fashion) the sky right behind Publix, and the sky to the right, toward where we live, was lovely sunny summer sky, bright blue dotted with puffy, cotton-y clouds, but the sky just to the left, where about 2 miles past Publix dwell my close friends Anne and Rick, the sky was black, foreboding and full of thunderheads.

We made our purchases and drove home as huge, fat raindrops started to fall. We brought in the couple of bags, I put stuff away and we sat down for only a couple of minutes before the phone rang. It was Anne.

"Do you have a chainsaw?", she asked. "Or do you know someone who does?"

I don't, and I thought I might, but I knew they had plans to go out to dinner so I asked what was going on, why, WTH. Rick's mom, who lives with them in a basement apartment, had called during dinner to say a tree had fallen on Rick's truck! The thunderheads I'd seen had caused multiple trees on their property to fall and power lines in and around their subdivision to fall! Holy sh*t!

Here is a picture of Rick's truck:

There is another tree through their roof, which penetrated in multiple places and is going to require removing an interior wall to get to a penetrating branch in order to remove/repair. Holy Crap!

I have some more pictures on my phone showing other angles of the awful destruction of Rick's truck, but am having some difficulty convincing my phone and MacBook to extract said pictures, so - anyway, you get the idea. The thing is, it didn't even rain a drop at our house last night, only five or six miles away or thereabouts. Tonight it was sunny-summery enough for Alan to grill a flank steak for dinner, but by the time he'd done that, we'd eaten and he went outside to clean/cover the grill while I rinsed and put away dishes, came there a DELUGE. Seriously, it rained so hard we had to raise voices to hear each other, our satellite signal got intermittent interruptions and giant raindrops pounded. Less than a half hour later, it was over. At least we didn't get trees through our vehicles and roof like Anne and Rick. They had to spend last night at a hotel because by 11:30PM, they still had no power. We've texted a couple of times today but I'm not sure of the status of trucks, roofs, power. I repeat, Holy Crap!


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