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Monday, July 09, 2012

Have you donated to my darling sibling's Kickstarter project yet? If you haven't, please do, and if you're in the metro Atlanta area I'll sweeten the deal. Or hell, even if you aren't I'll sweeten the deal, but you have to get here on your own; I'm not paying for airfare. If you live around here and give even a dollar to Bo and Sarah's Kickstarter project, you are invited to my house for a white trash pool party! You will get:

  • an entire weekend day in my white trash pool, from say 11AM until whenever
  • all the beer or wine you want (or water or soda, if you'd prefer)
  • snacks, to include fresh veggies and dips, cut fresh fruit, assorted gourmet cheeses & crackers (ask Nancy how awesome an assorted cheese platter at my house is! Go on, ask her!)
  • wildlife petting zoo: supervised interaction with exotic pedigreed Chihuahuas

  • tasty grilled meats prepared by Alan, with accompanying salad and sides, probably including grilled, marinated portobello mushrooms
  • dessert of your choice - I'll make you my caramel/pecan cheesecake (from scratch!) or mini Boston Creme pies (your choice of chocolate/French vanilla or chocolate-peanut butter/banana), all famous and celebrated throughout Rockdale, Newton and Glasscock counties, or something else of your desire, if you...uh, so desire.
  • after sundown, an ambient experience of drinks over a fire in our slate fire pit with Valentine Wolfe's entrancing and magical soundtrack to Merchant of Venice playing in the background.
So what say? Help a brother out and get yourself a barbeque/pool party! Beach towels, sunscreen and tuneage also provided.


  • I qualify! (jumping up and down and waving arms....yelling me! me! me!)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:29 AM  

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