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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I know you are, but what am I?

Doing a Google search for “Helly is”, reveals the following results (among others):
Helly is found in Germany and Austria. Geez, not at the same time! My butt’s not THAT big.
Helly is a firm believer in the role of education. Sure, why not?
Helly is a glamorous actress. But of course.
Helly is a senior staff scientist at San Diego Supercomputer Center. That’s just my day job.
Helly is single and leads a glamorous, metropolitan lifestyle. Technically true, but Alan’s trying to change all that.
Helly is trying to help. Not bloody likely.
Helly is Professor of History and Women's Studies at Hunter College and The Graduate School at the City University of New York. An imposter! For nothing says 'square-jawed hairy-legged lesbian' quite like 'Professor of Women's Studies'. *waits for hate mail from Women's Studies Professors*
Helly is true for n-1 (n>d+2), which infers for any i, q1 ≠ 0, as for any given n convex subsets of a d-dimensional euclidean space with n > d+1 and if each collection of d + 1 of the subsets has a point in common then there is a common point of the n subsets. If only I’d paid more attention in Geometry...I KNEW this would come back to haunt me. Alas, I was too busy trying to earn extra credit in Women's Studies to bother with mere Geometry.
Helly is referring to attitudes, stereotypes, media coverage, and educational programs. It’s possible; I refer to a lot of things.
Helly is a gorgeous Russian rubberist who recently started a fetish portal with 3 of her close friends. EEEEEUUUUWWWW!
Helly is crying because her mother is going to remarry. Umm...what has my father to say about this? Has he been informed?
Helly is in the early stages of using the reserve's sensor network to develop a statewide plan for observing watersheds remotely. It’s merely a hobby.
Helly is also supporting the NSF program in Long-Term Ecological Research by developing a prototypical method of ecological data management and by hosting workshops and meetings. Only in my spare time.
Helly is a popular choice among our viewers. Heh heh - I’m popular!
Helly is one of many scientists who helped develop an end-to-end scientific data management system, from shipboard data acquisition to management, analysis, and finally publication in a digital library. Er, I wouldn’t say “one of many”. It was just me and that other guy.
Helly is the best. Well, OBVIOUSLY.



  • Who knew 'Helly' would generate so much interest & response? Her mother knew! Now it seems the rest of the world knows what I have ALWAYS known; HELLY IS simply the best!



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:24 AM  

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