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Friday, August 20, 2004

I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers have a list of "100 Things About Me". I’m not sure I can think of 100 interesting things about myself but I’m gonna try.

1. I have a, bantam panther named Finnovar.
2. I have a dog: a black and white Shih-Tzu named Sprocket.
3. I don’t have any children, nor do I want any.
4. I’m addicted to Diet Cokes.
5. My favorite color is mauve but...
6. favorite color to wear is dark green.
7. My birthstone is the sapphire.
8. I like really dark, almost black sapphires better than light blue ones.
9. I have a younger brother named Bo who is a classical musician (bassist).
10. I have a Jimmy Page signature Les Paul guitar.
11. I also have a 1966 Fender Mustang.
12. I love cartoons, especially Invader Zim, Spongebob and The Simpsons.
13. I have red hair and green eyes.
14. I have bad respiratory allergies.
15. Consequently I avoid the out-of-doors as much as possible.
16. I love to read; my favorite authors are Terry Pratchett and Tom Robbins.
17. My favorite comic books are Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.
18. The last DVD I bought was Aqua Teen Hunger Force (warped, twisted and hilarious).
19. The last CD I bought was Velvet Revolver (didn’t suck, mostly unremarkable).
20. I drive a black convertible.
21. My favorite sport is Formula One auto racing.
22. My favorite team in that sport is Scuderia Ferrari.
23. My second favorite sport is hockey.
24. My favorite hockey team is the St. Louis Blues.
25. My favorite English football team is Manchester United.
26. I’ll watch other sports like baseball, but I wish basketball would just GO DIE.
27. I have a nasty, intense temper but I get over my ‘mad’ pretty quickly.
28. I have 3 tattoos.
29. My ears are pierced but nothing else is (and probably never will be).
30. My favorite band is either Led Zeppelin or King Crimson, depending on my mood.
31. Besides those two, I have very eclectic taste in music.
32. As an undergrad, I majored in philosophy.
33. I went to Catholic University in Washington DC.
34. I like to play video games on my PS2 - currently playing Spongebob’s Battle for Bikini Bottom, Final Fantasy X and Mark of Kri.
35. I love my job because I have the World’s Greatest Boss.
36. My birthday is September 15.
37. The last movie I saw in a theatre was Shrek 2.
38. The last movie I saw at home was Big Fish.
39. Of the two, I prefer to watch at home (yay, Direct TV)!
40. The last concert I went to was King Crimson at the Variety Playhouse.
41. The last new book I read was Monkeewrench (decent mystery).
42. I’m currently re-reading Witches Abroad (uproariously hilarious).
43. I miss my gramma.
44. I love the beach, the sound of the ocean and the feel of walking on sand while surf swirls around my ankles.
45. I like hanging out with my parents (especially when they’re not in let’s-annoy-the-crap-out-of-each-other mode).
46. I hate shopping.
47. It irks me no end to have something wrong with my appearance, like a run in my stockings or a chip in my nail polish.
48. My favorite flavor for candy or popsicles is cherry.
49. I will go to absurd lengths via encyclopaedia, internet, bugging friends, etc. to ascertain something I can’t quite remember (like an actor’s name, who did a certain song, the source/exact wording of a quote, who played a particular role, stuff like that).
50. I hate hate hate getting dirty.
51. I made such a great first impression on my boyfriend that later on, he didn’t even remember having met me.
52. I’m never going to let him live that down.
53. I am a veritable font of useless information and trivia.
54. I’d rather be too cold than too hot.
55. The easiest way to make me angry is to treat me like I’m stupid.
56. I’m allergic to beets and wasp stings.
57. I like Italian food.
58. I live in a suburb of Atlanta.
59. I LOVE Atlanta.
60. I’m obsessive about alphabetizing things (like my CDs, DVDs, the stuff in my refrigerator door - I’m not kidding about that last one).
61. My name is a Scottish festival of pyromania and revelry. (w00t!)
62. I dislike shredded coconut.
63. I love bubble baths.
64. My toenails are always polished.
65. Right now they’re fuchsia.
66. My fingernails aren’t always polished.
67. They are right now, though - pink&white French manicure.
68. I’m blind as a bat without my contacts/glasses.
69. I heartily dislike reality television.
70. I like Target better than Wal-Mart.
71. I like McDonalds better than any other fast food.
72. I like the original Star Trek better than Next Generation.
73. ...and Deep Space Nine better than Voyager.
74. I have an autographed picture of Howie Long on my desk.
75. My mailbox is purple (it’s a long story).
76. I enjoy target shooting, but have no interest in hunting.
77. I’ve never seen Titanic (and have no desire to).
78. I think that people who abuse and mistreat animals should be run through a commercial extruder.
79. My favorite flower is Cape Jasmine.
80. My favorite movies are Clerks, Pulp Fiction, Cool Hand Luke and The Princess Bride.
81. My brother snickered all through his own wedding because right before, I was imitating the Impressive Clergyman from The Princess Bride. ("Mawwidge! Mawwidge is wot bwings us togevvah today!")
82. My least favorite movie is Frank Capra’s stinking piece of lachrymose holiday offal, It’s A Wonderful Life.
83. Although southern, I despise iced tea.
84. I’ll drink hot flavored teas like mint, lemon and raspberry.
85. I do the maintenance/repairs on my cars myself.
86. Um, well, with some help from Daddy.
87. I have my very own Bauer hockey skates.
88. I've used them A LOT, because, you know, it gets so cold here in Atlanta.
89. My favorite alcoholic drink is Johnnie Walker Black Label on the rocks.
90. Actually, the JW Blue Label is better, but I can't afford that very often.
91. I think Henry Rollins's spoken word CDs/appearances are phenomenally terrific.
92. I’m much more of a night person than a morning person.
93. I still have my hip eighties beige Members Only jacket (don't wear it, but it's too funny to throw away).
94. The first concert I ever went to was Chuck Berry at Six Flags.
95. I love candles and have them all over my house.
96. I prefer that candles NOT smell like food (freescia, not peach; Asian poppy, not lemon; lotus blossom, not vanilla).
97. I like my steaks rare.
98. I wish I had a sailboat, like my friend Laurel.
99. I collect pink flamingos. Er...not real ones.
100. My "100 Things" list took forever and a day, because of all the links.



  • There were actually one or 2 here even I didn't know (#51)...but I remember the Chuck Berry concert-she was so little I put her on my shoulders so she could see! Also, when she was at Catholic U, I missed her almost as bad as she misses her gramma.

    Helly's mom

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:13 PM  

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