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Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's been a fun weekend so far, with promises of more fun to follow!  Friday night we tried out a new-to-us local Italian restaurant.  It was quite good; it won't replace our former favorite, Chianti, in our stomachs or more importantly our hearts, but it was a good meal and we will return.

On Saturday, we got up early to get our usual errands knocked out quickly because we wanted to go to AnachroCon.   My brother Bo and his wife Sarah were playing a concert (see Valentine Wolfe link to your right) and we wanted to hang out with them and hear them.  Matt and I heard their set at DragonCon, but Alan hadn't heard them live for (literally) years. So off we went and had a really good time at the Con.  We went to an Edgar Allan Poe panel, bought a few CDs and a book (more on this later).  We had dinner at the hotel with Bo, Sarah and their friend Ryan.  It was great fun catching up; we'd seen them (well, Bo & Sarah - we hadn't met Ryan before) at our Super Bowl party, but there were several other people there so a totally different dynamic.

We had a great experience at the Con.  Everyone was super nice and friendly, and no one sneered at us for not being in costume.  I was kind of worried about that.  I bought some steampunk goggles and last night I ordered a steampunk dress so I'll at least be sort of costumed at DragonCon, even if not as 100% canon video game character.  If I went as a video game character it would probably be Shion from Xenosaga (I already have the red hair) or Yuna from Final Fantasy just because she's badass, but I think I'd be more comfortable in a more generic role instead of trying to re-create a look/costume that 100% conforms to canon.

We haven't gone to DragonCon itself before, only Bo and Sarah's concert, though I've been amid and amongst it since I work in downtown Atlanta in the midst of the host hotels.  Talking to them about it, it sounds a bit overwhelming to me but I think we will brave it this year.  We had a brief conversation with the V-Wolfe about staffing their merchandise table to free them up to "work the crowd" which I think we are gonna do, if at all possible.  Seeing vendor merchandise at cons has an odd relationship with me - they have absolutely nothing I need, but I could have easily spent $50,000.00 yesterday just on stuff I thought was cool.  To that point, we have more glassware already than our kitchen cabinets will accommodate, but if you think that stopped us at all from buying two Tolkien-themed pint glasses (Green Dragon Inn and Prancing Pony) or two Fireflies (Firefly logo and browncoat symbol) you would be oh, so so so wrong.

Another thing we bought was this book - y'all know I love me some good books!  The author was kind enough to sign it for me, YAY!, and once we returned to their table, it turns out Bo and Sarah know him from previous cons.  It sounds very good and I can't wait to read it.  I know what personal friends of mine are thinking:  Why are you waiting??? What's wrong with her?  Since when has Helly ever waited before diving into a good book?  Well, the thing is - more good news.

We are finally taking a mini-vacation.  On the upcoming weekend we are going here, at The Boss's recommendation,  We plan to do a whole lot of Not Much.  There will be hot bubble baths, tasty meals, wine drinking and relaxing, so I'm saving the book for that.  I have two college degrees and yet lack the vocabulary to express how much I'm looking forward to a relaxing long weekend with my wonderful husband.

In the 'even more fun' department, later today, in a couple of hours or so, we are meeting Bo, Sarah and our dear friends Matt and Tammy (side note, I don't know why I sometimes refer to him as a "friend" - Matt's my brother even if he's an only child and we don't share DNA) at our favorite local tavern to celebrate Matt's birthday.  It will be so great to be with all of my favorite people in one of my favorite places!  (Come to Summit's.  Try the garlic cheese fries.  Tip your waitress.  Buy Winfield's book.)


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