The Hellhole

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Earlier today I was going to make a snack for us, and decided to heat up some Publix brand mozzarella sticks with marinara dipping sauce.  As I was reading the instructions, I saw this disclaimer:  "Overheating may cause cheese loss."  I don't know why I found that as funny as I did, but OMG!  Cheese loss!  Oh noes!  I must cook carefully!  At one point during this process, before the oven had come up to temp and therefore before I'd put in the cheese sticks, Alan came through to the kitchen for a Pelligrino.

He gave me a very stern look and said, "Are you monitoring this process so there is no cheese loss???"

Once the mozzarella sticks were ready, I put them on a plate with a ramekin of marinara sauce and called to Alan, who was back in the study.  When he came into the den, I proclaimed proudly, "My superior culinary monitoring skills have resulted in a minimization of cheese loss!"

"Yes, sweetheart," he replied.  "I'm very pleased."

It's the little things.


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