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Wednesday, January 02, 2013


One of my Christmas presents from Alan was a bagful of Lush products, including this one which I love.  I've been getting the same scent in the bubble bars for a while, and on my birthday Alan got me the bath melt and it's lovely.  When I tried it out back in September, there was gold glitter all over the bathtub, even after I tried rinsing it out.  When Alan went in for his shower the next morning, he yelled, "What the hell?!?  Did Brooke Sanderlin explode in our shower?!?"  Our dear friends' 5-year-old is a total diva girl;  she's so glam she sweats glitter.

But she didn't explode in our shower, it was the Lush.

On our trip to Augusta to see Alan's family for Christmas, we were staying at our usual hotel which had a huge Jacuzzi tub so I took one of the Lush Karma bath melts. I had a glass of red wine and a long, lovely soak with the jets going.  There was glitter all over me and I got it all over the hotel room!  It was on the bathroom tiles where I got out and toweled off, it was on the couch and chair where I sat, both on the bed and in the bed - and thus it follows that I got it all over Alan, too.  We were still finding glitter on his face and in his beard two days later!

The next morning, he was walking around imitating Consuela from Family Guy, shaking his head sadly at every discovery of more glitter and saying sorrowfully, " clean gleeeter."  I wonder what those poor housekeepers thought...well, besides "What the hell?!?  Did Brooke Sanderlin explode in our hotel?!?"  Next time we go to Augusta, we're going to make a point of asking for that same room, to see how much glitter is still clinging to the furniture.

Further to our trip, I'm trying to think of a suitable object to be our trademark hotel prank. The room we stayed in has, in addition to the bedroom, a living area with microwave, mini-fridge, counter space and all these cabinets.  We opened the cabinet doors and snooped in every one, even though we didn't have anything to put inside.  We were scheming and decided that we want to leave a random object in a cabinet or drawer every time we stay in a hotel, which will puzzle and confound the staff.  I don't mean that we want to do anything obscene, gross or unpleasant - just leave a random object that will have the housekeeping staff wondering, "What the hell???" - like why would these people have THIS on vacation with them and why would they leave it behind? - like maybe a kitchen whisk (the rooms we always stay in in Augusta don't have kitchenettes) or a bad bad rubber piggy or something.  Yes, I know I'm immature.  Suggestions welcome.


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  • Leave an envelope w/a few $$. That will make the staff very happy. They work very hard at their jobs & it can be pretty thankless. I do my darndest to clean up after myself when I stay in a hotel room because I know how hard those ladies will work to make it look pristine for the next guest.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:36 PM  

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