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Friday, January 18, 2013

I am very happy tonight.  Alan's birthday is next Friday, but his big major birthday gift along with an accessory arrived today.  I told him to go ahead and open the boxes - he would have been fine with waiting but I couldn't stand it sitting in the box when he could be having fun with it, so I asked him to please open it up.

I got him an iPad2 (engraved with his name) and a case for it.  I have a couple of other presents coming but this was his big gift. 

I was nervous about selecting a computer product for a professional computer geek, afraid I got unnecessary things or omitted needed ones, but he says he's completely happy with my choices of options.

He'd been saying for a while that he didn't need an iPad, but in a way that made me think he really wanted one, but couldn't find a justifiable way to explain the expense.  We're both very frugal and hesitant to spend "we don't have to" money.  Then, our dear friends Matt & Tammy got their kids iPads for Christmas, and when we next got together, he was having a BLAST playing on the kids' iPads - so that cinched it.

Funny iPad story:  when the aforementioned friends got their kids iPads, apparently at one point Tammy signed in as herself on 14-year-old-son Josh's iPad and neglected to sign herself out - or something, I'm not 100% on how all this works - so the next time Josh powered up, it populated a list full of every text Tammy had recently sent or received.  EEEK!  Including ones between me and her.  Double EEEK!

Which would have been bad enough anyway, except earlier that same day I happened to have been to Vicky's and afterward sent Tammy pictures of the new lingerie I'd purchased.  Which Josh saw.  I mean, they were pictures of just the outfits, not of me in them, but still - I have (albeit inadvertently) sent an adolescent boy pictures of my Victoria's Secret purchases.  He knows what my nighties look like!  He'll be in his bunk!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! 

(Actual pictures I accidentally Joshed - but on my white leather sofa arm and on my bed pillow, not on me - I am not the Pillsbury DoughGirl!)


  • Same around here, we don't NEED an iPad, but we would like to have one. Can't justify the cost right now, though. My car is due for a major maintenance bill.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM  

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