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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bo And Phil Would Be Appalled

I meant to blog about this earlier in the week but forgot. When we were leaving Bed, Bath & Beyond last Sunday, parked right beside my car was what at first looked like its identical twin. Closer examination revealed it to be a SL 550, the far hooptier big brother of my car. These start - start - at $103,000. So after I get into my car, I'm scoping it out and assessing the two and I notice the 550's tyres.

They have put Yokohama tyres on this car. Really? REALLY, Mr. SL 550? You bought a car that cost over a hundred grand and shod it in Yokofreakinhama tyres?!? We have better tyres on the 2000 Saturn, no lie. I couldn't get past it for days and walked around muttering, "Yokohama?!? What were you thinking?!?" They weren't even low-profile ones.

I have Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position tyres on mine. It had Continentals on it when I bought it but as they wore out, I replaced them with Potenzas - you know, actual high-performance tyres intended for a sports car.

You disappoint me, Mr. SL 550. You cut me deep.


  • Alas, Merlin (my Cruiser) also has Yokohama tyres...budget constraints, y'know. But Mr. Merc? nah....


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 AM  

  • My Subaru came with Yokohama. They ran for about 65,000 miles. I couldn't tell you the brand I have now. Just know that all four have to be replaced at the same time due to AWD.

    Hey, I asked for some advice at my blog a few days ago, and you seem like just the right person to give me some. Please come by and tell me what you'd do.

    By OpenID dkzody, at 9:38 AM  

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