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Sunday, August 07, 2011


Okay, so Alan and I went to this concert at Variety Playhouse and a good time was had by all, and they played "I'll Fly Away" and "Jackson" which was awesome and then we came home and I had to go to the bathroom to widdle, which I did, and then we were surfing and doing computer stuffs, and then Alan wanted to widdle, which he did except when he finished we didn't have any water for the flushening.

I felt sure I'd paid the bill.

Why was there no water???

Alan took a flashlight and went outside, scoping. Perhaps he thought he'd see a major breakdown. Or a broken pipe lying in the street or something. Or at the very least, a reason why we had no water.

Nothing happened, nothing was seen. But then THE COPS ARRIVED!!!!

Four cop cars were outside our house, surrounding our next door neighbors' place WITH GUNS DRAWN. They were storming her Florida room like it was the beach at Normandy. We were all, like, WTF??? But they were very interested, doing this military surround maneuver, so I said, "Let's go tell them we have a key, if they are really interested in storming the place, we can let them in," and Alan's stance was, "Yeah, good, but let's go around front where the spotlights are, not around the back way where officers are creeping with guns drawn!"

So we went around frontwise and talked to the cops, who as it turns out had ZERO interest in getting into the house next door, but had been summoned because the guy across the street had seen a suspicious figure lurking around with a flashlight. Being all suspicious and shit. Which if you'd paid attention, you'd have known was my husband looking for our water meter. !!!!

The cops told us a water main had busted. I said thank you for looking out for us and coming so quickly for what turned out to be no reason. They were really sweet and said they'd rather have a hundred false alarms than one really bad thing. I heart the Conyers cops. Saturday excitements.


  • Alan's version of this incident:

    cIf you've ever wondered just how fast the Rockdale County Sheriff's Department responds, well let me tell you a story...

    About 1am I noticed that we didn't have any water, because I went to the bathroom, and when I flushed, the tank didn't fill. I tried the taps, and only got a wooshing air sound. So, I put my shoes on and grabbed a flashlight, and went out the garage door and across the front yard to see if I saw any leaks or if anything was amiss at the water cutoff at the far corner of our yard. About half way there, I realized that my flashlight wasn't bright enough, so I turned around and went back inside to get a better flashlight. I also had Helly turn on all the exterior lights. By the time I got close to the water cutoff, four RCSD cars pulled up in front of the house next door, which is setting empty. Guns drawn, they stalked up the driveway and proceeded to start checking doors and windows. Right about then, a Rockdale County Water Department truck pulls up, and they inform me that there is a big water main break down at the end of our street, and that is why the water is off to the entire subdivision, not just our house.

    So I go back inside, and Helly and I get the key that we have for the house next door to offer that to the deputies. We would sometimes watch our neighbors dogs if she was out of town. They told us that they couldn't find any sign of entry, but that someone had called and said there was someone snooping around the house with a flashlight. About that time our across the street neighbor (who has a very beautiful but very fat Rottie) came out, and said that he was the one who called the police.

    Can you see where I'm going with this? In the time it took me to wander back inside from mid-way in our front yard, get a better flashlight, and come back out, four RCSD cars had responded, which is probably 25% of the entire force (Rockdale is the second smallest county in Georgia). Because the person that our across the street neighbor had seen "snooping around the house with a flashlight" was me, in my own front yard. Satisfied that all was well, everyone went on about their business.

    So this either means that the RCSD is very very quick to respond, or that on a typical Saturday night/Sunday morning, they have so little to do that they can respond to a suspicious person inside of three minutes. Either way, I'll take it. Hopefully one day if we need them they'll be here as quickly.v

    By Blogger Helly, at 12:54 AM  

  • That's amazing! I'm sure our police would not make it that quickly. Also, it's nice to know your neighbour is watching out, eh?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:07 AM  

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