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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pant(ie)s On The Ground

Yesterday Matt was leaving after another hard day of Hellhole restoration, and Alan walked outside with him, chatting and saying goodbye. Then Matt spied, right there on our lawn, a pair of my panties (beige, lacy ones). Alan picked them up and walked back inside to ask me what the hell, how did my panties end up on our lawn?!?

They WEREN'T my panties.

I wear one particular style (bikini) which these weren't, and 90% of mine I get at Vicky's, though I might occasionally buy elsewhere if there's a sale or something. These were bordering on Granny-Panties, though they had a nice lace-trimmed border. I went back outside to ask Matt if maybe they belonged to his wife and had fallen out of his car somehow, stuck to his jeans leg like a dryer sheet or something. No - Tammy wears (as I understand it, not having firsthand knowledge) exclusively a totally 'nother style.


How did some unknown person's random pair of underpants wind up on my lawn???? Especially given that the two houses on either side of us are vacant and that my subdivision is populated by OAPs who are not the sort to engage in sudden, unexpected lawn sex, much less on someone else's lawn.



  • I'm stymied. If there were ALSO socks or ONLY socks on your lawn, then I'd say that there is some sort of invisible force that spits stuff that disappears from dryers around the world.

    Must be random acts of panties.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:33 PM  

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