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Saturday, July 09, 2011


I tried to blog about this earlier, when we were home briefly between errands, but Blogger was being weird. I e-mailed and texted a few of my friends who I know are game geeks, but for everyone else, general public, anyone I may have inadvertently omitted: today Best Buy is selling Fallout: New Vegas for TEN BUCKS. Well, $9.99. I picked my copy up when we were there buying the latest extended special edition collector's pack director's cut (or whatever we're being taunted with at present) of Lord Of The Rings. Ours came with spiffy diecast metal figurines.

We joke that when Eliza (our little niece via Alan's sister) comes to cart us off to the old folks' home, she'll be thinking, "My poor demented aunt and uncle! They must have about 40 copies of the same movie. Did they forget they already had it? Every time they went shopping?!?" - because different editions keep coming out, which we have to have. We bought every one on DVD - in fact we bought those twice because we were buying them as individuals before we started dating, so we had two sets of a lot of the movies once we moved in together, and since then have had to re-buy everything on blu-ray. And soon there will be hobbits!

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, Las Vegas! Fallout Las Vegas for only ten bucks at Best Buy! Why are you still sitting at your computer reading???


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