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Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend recap: Saturday morning we slept later than usual, courtesy of Sprocket the Shih-Tzu who decided that barking a lot at intervals all night was his new hobby. We ran our errands and then headed to our friends' house for a cookout (the parents of Brooke from my previous post). We had a fabulous time with them - food was great and it was so fun just to hang out, chat and catch up. Eventually Alan remarked that he was getting tired and I was stunned that it was nearly 11. Time flies, and all that.

I have a Funny Brooke Story (though not as good as "Discover Mills!") but still cute. She had drawn a couple of pictures which were just random stripes on a piece of paper - hey, she's three, she deserves a little artistic slack. She gave me the pink one with instructions for me to take it home to my house with me. She gave Alan the green one and informed him that it was a picture of him riding a donkey. I would love to know what goes on in her little blonde head. I mean, why a donkey and not a horse? Why was he riding anything? Anyway, both pictures are on our fridge right now, if you'd like to come over and see Alan Riding A Donkey from Brooke's green period.

Sunday we had one additional errand to run, because Alan needed socks and cargo shorts. Once that was done, he developed a headache so he went for a nap. My brother reports that Con Carolina was a big success for them, selling out of one CD and nearly selling out of another. I'm sure he'll post more details. After dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and catching a few cartoons on Fox, it was off to bed where Sprocket practiced his hobby anew. I am very tired and yawn-y thanks to him. How was your weekend?


  • A barking dog late at night is the least loveable form of dog. I'm sure that's very frustrating. A spray bottle of water will shut Bonnie up for seconds at a time. Fortunately she hasn't taken to barking at night, though.

    Sounds like a really fun evening with your friends. And congrats to Bo & Sarah on their CD sales!

    By Blogger Nancy, at 9:11 PM  

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