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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This post is for my internet pal dkzody. She left this comment on my previous post: "I just wish they still made harvest gold appliances!"

If we lived closer, I would totally hook her up. I give you (drum roll please) my Previous Fridge!

Woo hoo, harvest gold!!!

All my appliances were harvest gold when I bought this house.

You may be thinking, "I've been to her house and she doesn't have a harvest gold kitchen!"

Well, no, I don't. After moving, I had to buy a new stovetop and range hood in short order, which were white, but that left a wall-in double oven and fridge in harvest gold. I painted them white to match. I am a very matchy sort of girl.

However, as we see from this photograph, I only painted white the portions of the fridge that showed to the public, so one side, the back, and half of another side are still harvest gold.

Front of old fridge:
The paint is kinda fading after 15 years.

The writing on it says, "Milk sucks! Got beer?" Don't judge, I did that when I was young and stupid.

Like two weeks ago.

KIDDING, KIDDING! I did that several years ago at the height of the "Got milk?" advertising campaign. Er, still, I refreshed it with bright blue just before the relocation of the Previous Fridge to the garage where it will serve as a spare drinks/extra freezer space appliance.

Delaine writes on her post about refrigerators, "I keep appliances until they will no longer work nor can be repaired." Me too! Totally me too! I knew it was old when I moved in, but being 23 or 24, and new to home ownership, I had very little spare cash and it still kept things cold, so I figured I would replace it whenever it died and I absolutely had to do so.

It's never died. I've never replaced it. (It's a Kenmore, in case you are interested in unusually long-lived appliances.) We only took action now because our neighbor needed cash, had no use for her fridge (it's a Maytag) and we had already been talking about getting a nicer fridge for the kitchen and using this as a spare drinks fridge, like my mom and some of our friends have.

I was the same way with my television: I had a TV that was probably 20 years old, one of those huge console things that was more like a piece of furniture, with stereo speakers on either side. My grandparents had given it to me for my birthday. Projection TVs, plasmas, flat-screens, hi-def, all sorts of innovations came out but I never bothered replacing it because, well, it worked. It got channels and on those channels, they showed shows. When we finally replaced it two years ago thanks to year-end bonuses and wanting to treat ourselves, our eyes and minds were blown at what a difference it made.

Our new fridge was pouting because I hadn't posted a picture of it, so here's the new one.

Another thing I did not know (along with refrigerator height variation) was that magnets don't stick to stainless steel, so all our magnets, pictures and miscellaneous stuff are stuck onto the side that's visible (if you stood to the right as you look at the picture). One thing, a big metal magnet that we bought at World Market, I use all the time. It's a conversion table of ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups and grams (all to one another). It comes in very handy when halving or doubling a recipe. And while I guess I could do those sums in my head, it's nice having them already written out and available.

This is the inside of the new fridge. Can you see the stuff inside well enough to tell that the condiments in the door are in alphabetical order? Er, they are. For real.

Barbecue sauce through catsup to mayonnaise, row one. Mustards through pickles to salad dressing, row two. And yes, the salad dressing is sub-alphabetized so that it starts with Asian Sesame and Bleu Cheese, and continues on row three with Tuscan house Italian and vinaigrette, continuing on through salsa and Tabasco and Teriyaki to tomato marinade.

I have CDO. That's like OCD, but in alphabetical order, as it should be.

I have one last thing to share, again totally for dkzody. Don't be too jealous, okay? My flour/sugar/rice/stuff canisters:

Harvest gold for the win!!!

The tops are even better.

There are pop-art mushrooms! Alan disagrees. He contends they are toadstools.


  • Cute little mushrooms. I remember harvest gold very well. :-) Maybe it's going to make a comeback now - this blogpost could put back in the limelight.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 7:34 PM  

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