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Monday, May 30, 2011

We had a wonderful day yesterday. If every day could be like yesterday, my life would be perfect. We'd made plans to go to Mom's, grill and hang out (good enough already), then heard my brother and his wife (Bo and Sarah) were free and coming the same day (even better). Then in the morning as we were getting ready and getting stuff together, I got a text from a friend that I hadn't talked to in far too long, saying we needed to get together soon. I texted back something like, "Yes, and to that point, if you aren't busy today, we're about to go to Mom's for grilling and chilling, you should totally come." And they weren't busy, and they did come and it was pure, unadulterated fun with a capital F!

The day was fabulous, with lots of great food, beer, wine, friendship and catching up. One of the highlights, for me anyway, came with these friends' daughter Brooke, who turned three last October. Brooke is great, she's always well-behaved and one of the happiest kids I've ever known. I'm not sure Brooke knows how to throw a tantrum, even if circumstances dictated that a tantrum might be in order. She makes me almost want to pro-create, that's how awesome of a kid she is.

So, for background: in Atlanta, like most metropolii, there are shopping malls. There is Lenox (my preferred mall of choice because they have a Macy's with a Chanel counter AND a Lush store), Phipps Plaza (my second most preferred mall because they have a Tiffany's AND a Jimmy Choo store, and what is more vexing and more thrilling than trying to decide whether to spend your money at Tiffany's vs. Jimmy Choo? (Jimmy Choo. Every time. I'm like that.)), Gwinnett Place, Discover Mills, Stonecrest (which is only 2 miles from my house but, though there is a Macy's, lacks a Lush store, a Tiffany's AND a Jimmy Choo, so is a total waste of retail space, mallwise).

But my point - and I DO have one - is how funny little Brooke is. At one point yesterday afternoon, her brother Josh (13) piped up and said, "Hey, Brooke! Where do babies come from?"

And Brooke chirpily replied, happily and with total confidence, "DISCOVER MILLS!"


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