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Thursday, May 19, 2011

After we returned from our trip to Montgomery, our busy May continued. The following weekend, we attended the baptism of the baby daughter of Alan's co-worker. They are Indian so the entire service was in Syriac. There was much pomp and ceremony and swinging of perfumed censers. Of course I couldn't understand the ceremony but it was beautiful to watch. Many of the ladies had on breathtakingly beautiful saris; one lady's in particular was brilliant pinks and turquoises, with silver decorations. The wife of Alan's co-worker/mother of the baby looked gorgeous. The baby was so cute, especially when she expressed her extreme displeasure at being drenched from tip to toe!

Afterward, there was a luncheon of Indian food in the fellowship hall - delicious! It was very spicy, but we both like spicy. Alan's co-worker told us that he'd even told the caterer to tone down the spice factor because there would be several non-Indian folk in attendance. I was really glad that we'd been included and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to observe such a grand and important ceremony.

I had dithered about whether we should buy a gift. I would have for a christening or First Communion, but I wasn't sure about a baptism, and an Indian one at that. In the end, we bought a silver filigree picture frame that had a cross atop it, an engraved ribbon saying "Faith - Hope - Love" and rectangles of filigree on either side of the space for her picture. Underneath that was a heart which we had engraved with the baby's name and birthdate. I figured even if a gift was not the norm in such circumstances, that would be okay. As it happened, there was a table for gifts and while not everyone brought something, enough people did that I would have felt badly if we hadn't. So that all worked out well.

Sunday was Mothers' Day so earlier, I'd asked Mom what she'd like to do. She picked a local restaurant and we met there for a late lunch. My brother and his wife couldn't come down so it was just the three of us. We shared tasty appetizers; Mom and I both had a sizzling chicken/Cajun shrimp dish. Yum. After that, we hung out at her house for a bit and a small dessert of chocolate-covered strawberries. It was a good day; I hope she had a nice time.

Sunday evening was fairly uneventful, just hanging out with the doggies and getting ready for the work week, with yet more activities both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend ahead. It seems to be feast or famine for us with regard to social activities.


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