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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We have been snowed/iced in all week. We haven't lost power and we made a grocery run on Sunday so it's been fine. What is happening, though, is that the salt and sand trucks are getting the ice melted and then it promptly re-freezes. I haven't tried to go in to my office all week and tomorrow's not looking that great either. The interstate might be okay but our driveway is a solid sheet of ice and if I tried to leave, I'd either wind up smashing Alan's car or in the ditch. Or both.

View of our road and the house across the street.

I had almost geared up my courage to try to go in (driving on icy roads terrifies me) when the AJC posted a picture of my very exit ramp, and the three SUVs that had braved it sliding all over the place. Of course I don't see that picture on the site now, but there's this one - the street I have to take to get to my office. I was too scared to try; I have plenty of vacation days so that's not an issue so much as not having planned on being away from the office.

A shot of our yard and Alan's car, covered in snow.

I got an unpleasant surprise this morning when I tried to do a few things from home. I needed a couple of Micro$oft Office programs so I powered up my laptop and it refused to boot, not even in safe mode. Sob! Why did you have to die, Ferrari laptop? I loveded you! I loveded you! I got my work done on Alan's old MacBook, but still - sob! My laptop!

My magnolia tree, dusted in snow.

It's an odd mental state for me. I can't really enjoy being home and having some unexpected leisure time because I feel guilty about not being at work, but then I check the Georgia D.O.T. website or the AJC or watch the news, and work myself into a state of terror about trying to drive. I won't be going anywhere tomorrow unless it melts and dries; I just need to come to terms with that.


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