The Hellhole

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yesterday after running some errands, we painted our new garage door. I'd still rather have had a vacation on the lake, though. We put on a coat of primer, let that dry and then a coat of paint. It needs another coat but we decided not to do that today since a rainstorm was coming, and we weren't sure we'd finish in time for it to dry before the rain started. As it turns out, we probably could have, but we can do it tomorrow or next weekend.

Alan did most of the painting, but I helped. No, I did! Stop laughing, I really did! Here, here is proof:

See, you know I had a paintbrush because Alan wouldn't have painted an anarchy on his own driveway.

But me? I totally would. And I did.

I painted some door, too. You can ask him.


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