The Hellhole

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, my brother got a bill from Verizon for $2,700.00. No, that's not the bad part - the bad part is, his cell phone service is with AT&T.

He's called all the credit reporting services and his credit card companies, and thus far (fingers crossed) the cell phone appears to be the only breach. What a hassle, though!

Yesterday, we took Finnovar and Mister Fusspot to the vet for their annual checkups. I was a little worried about Finnovar's weight loss. At first, I was glad he was losing weight because he was a, fluffy, let's say, but it was going beyond a point that I felt comfortable. Fortunately, there's nothing wrong with him that's causing the weight loss, like kitty diabetes or kidney failure; he's just getting older. Dr. Smith recommended feeding him white-meat chicken for mega-protein so we got a package and I'm cooking some now. I added some rough-chopped carrots and celery, because who would want to eat just plain boiled chicken? Erm, and if I'm honest, some herbs de Provence and dry white wine too. It's my kitty; I'm allowed to spoil him. (Remember that massive pet-food recall of a few years ago? Here is how Mister Finnovar dealt with that.)

Mister Fusspot was less than pleased about his veterinary excursion.

"See, now, the stabbings - that's one thing. I'm a tough guy...kind of a badass. I can take a stabbing."

"But the turd-burgling?!? That just wasn't called for."

"Tell you lot are so interested in what-all's up my butt, I'll put a nice smelly ol' poo in your shoe later, and you can have a look at that. I'mma rest up first - this is going to be a BIG poo."


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