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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Somethin' have happened, and something have GOT to be did!*

In the common areas of my office building are various groupings of chairs and tables. Some are cafeteria style and people eat lunch or work on their laptops there. Others are more formal, overstuffed chairs with coffee tables or more modern, various styles. Today when I ventured out to the deli to get myself a chicken salad sammich, I noticed that one of the straight-backed, black lacquer chairs near my office was missing, and had been replaced by a cafeteria-type chair.

This puzzles me.

If building management had noticed a damaged chair, they would have replaced it with one that matched. But why would someone pilfer a single chair? Wouldn't you at least want a matched pair? And why purloin what looks to be a rather uncomfortable chair? In any event, I can't imagine the rather tight building security letting someone march off with one of the official building chairs.

Further, it seems that someone rearranged the chairs to draw attention away from the missing one, because for about 3 years now, instead of there being one chair on each of four sides of that table like in the photo, there has been a pair sitting on either side (left and right as you look at the photo).

I can only conclude that there is some sort of Helly Chair Karma at work here, like Newton's Third Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and that, because years ago I cast forth a chair into the universe, now from the universe another chair has been subtracted.

* This saying courtesy of a dear friend of mine, whose ex-husband had a co-worker actually come up and say this to him one day - very popular for us to observe to one another.


  • The chair at one of our computer stations in lab keeps disappearing. When it shows up a few days later its setting are always all wrong and its almost impossible to sit on it without sliding off. I think someone has a twisted sense of humor.... :)

    By Anonymous Inna, at 7:15 AM  

  • Someone is just messin' with your butt, er, mind. 8-)

    By Blogger, at 10:20 AM  

  • You cast forth a chair, etc. - made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

    By Blogger Nancy, at 8:48 PM  

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