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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the man in the back said, "Everyone attack!"

Something both kinda weird and kinda cool happened this morning. I was flipping back and forth between Classic Vinyl and Classic Rewind, because every now and then something terrible would happen like Supertramp or Elton John. For absolutely no reason (for example, I didn’t happen to hear another song by Sweet or anything similar) suddenly it popped into my head, “You know what I haven’t heard in forever? Ballroom Blitz. I wish they’d play Ballroom Blitz.” Well, neither Classic Vinyl nor Classic Rewind did, but after one started playing Spirits in the Material World and the other some John Mellencamp, I surfed on over to Boneyard where I caught Operation Mindcrime at the very beginning. Excellent! Then what do I hear but a familiar pattern of drums followed by “Are you ready, Steve?” Yep – Ballroom Blitz. Less than 10 minutes after I thought I’d like to hear it, Boneyard obliged. What do you think: happy coincidence or Sirius is monitoring my brainwaves?


  • I'd never heard that song before, but I enjoyed it. Maybe you need to wear one of those aluminum foil hats to keep the radio from monitoring your thoughts - except that it seems to work to your advantage.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 6:04 PM  

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