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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There is not much news here at The Hellhole - work, errands, it's hot hot hot even for Georgia in July, wonderful husband, evil kitteh and frolicking puppies. As a follow-up to my earlier post about DirecTV, I wanted to report how much The Husband (and me too) are enjoying the DVR. We weren't sure if we'd even use it but since we could cancel that at any time (though we did have to commit to keeping the HD package for a while to get the equipment free), we figured we had no reason not to try it.

I wasn't sure it would matter that much to me because (no offense to anyone who loves them some television programmes) TV has always been sorta what I do when I don't have anything else to do. I love Formula One and football, but if we were at the beach or otherwise occupied when a race or a game was on, it was no big deal to me. I'd check out the results later and if I missed a show - or, let's be honest, it's me I'm writing about - if I missed a cartoon I watched regularly, well, it would be on again sometime and if I missed it then, meh. However, we have been making some serious use of the DVR after having it a whole fortnight.

Tonight, for example, we needed to go grocery shopping so we did so after I got home from work. It was wonderfully fun to be able to watch "Jeopardy!" as usual while we ate, whereas we would have missed the regular broadcast in getting things hauled in and put away, dinner heated and served. We also have some shows that we're interested in, but not enough to get up at 4AM, so we're saving those for some lazy Sunday - and in this heat, lazy Sundays are far better spent inside with central air conditioning, so it probably won't be long.

And only moments after I wrote that there was "not much news here at The Hellhole", something momentous has occurred. I was able to take not one but two pictures of our head dog, Sprocket, actually looking at the camera. He has a habit of looking away in the split second between me pressing the shutter button and the camera taking a picture and a prodigious talent for doing something cute right up until the moment I try to photograph it, so that I have hundreds of pictures of half of Sprocket, a blurry smear of Sprocket or an odd black blob that I point out to people, saying, "That's my precious little Shih-Tzu! See, that's a paw...and there, that's a piece of ear..."

<-- The usual result of Sprocket picture-taking

Look, a nose is visible!

Oooh, there are eyes too! Sweet brown ones!

(That's Speedbump the Road-Kill Possum he's playing with there, a birthday present earlier this year.)


  • how adorable!
    Its been unbearably hot here too... I've been spending a lot more time at work where I have AC, vs at home where I don't...

    By Anonymous Inna, at 6:56 AM  

  • I have found that the DVR is one of those small expenses that make life much more enjoyable. We've had one for several years and love it. If for no other reason than you don't have to sit through the commercials, thereby allowing more time for actually watching programs!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:35 PM  

  • The DVR also comes in handy during storms when the dish its self goes out.

    By Anonymous Summer, at 10:32 AM  

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