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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have a Skanky Neighbor Update, but it's not a good one in terms of blogging material. The house was foreclosed upon, changed hands a couple of times from bank to bank and has finally been sold to a person, apparently, but the county hasn't updated its tax records on the most recent sale. Still, there is a lady over there doing work, and she's hired a construction company to make improvements. There's a new fence and renovation is under way.

There is a huge dumpster over there, and unlike previous dumpster rentals this one is actually being used. So far she's tried to clean out the little shed, and it must have been packed solid from floor to roof with debris because the huge dumpster is filling up fast. Back when that property got cited by the county for all the crap in the yard, whoever cleaned it up must have crammed all of the crap into the shed - yes, even the limbs and sticks and bracken - because all that is making a return appearance in the dumpster.

I do have hope, though, because after living next door to the Skanky Neighbor House for years, I have seen that even if people seem normal upon taking up residency, the Skank emerges eventually.

I will try to sneak out for a photo later, but Alan is still asleep and I don't want the automatic garage door and resulting fussing doggehs to wake him*. Poor sweetie has a bad cold - he started getting sick yesterday. He's taking Theraflu, Sudafed, things like that but remains stuffed up and ill.

*Mister Fusspot, in particular, dislikes things such as the garage door, the doorbell, beeps and boops from the computers. He despises doorbells on television even more than real ones. Nothing is as guaranteed to unleash six pounds of Chihuahua fury as a television doorbell. Oooh! - unless it's television dogs! One night we were watching a movie which had a bunch of big dogs barking. Actually, it was The Dark Knight, the part where Batman is attacked by Rottweilers. All that barking enraged Mister Fusspot but it also scared him, both because he's so much littler than a Rottweiler and because there were a whole bunch of different fellows barking, so he could tell there was an entire gang of big dogs on the attack. Mister Fusspot leapt from the couch, where he was sitting with me, got between me and the television/source of the barking and started barking and growling. In between his own shows of aggression, he cried and whined in terror. He was shaking, he was so scared, but he still stayed in front of me, growling and in pre-attack stance, determined to protect me no matter what it cost him. It was so sweet and endearing. My heart nearly burst with how much I love that little doggeh.


  • Poor Alan - I just hope his cold is not as bad as mine...yecch.

    Mr. Fusspot must be a wonderful guardian. That's a great story.

    Bucky and I watched the WKC dog show (both nights) and he barked 'back' at the dogs on TV...funny!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:38 PM  

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  • I hope you don't angry to me to post this post for commenting.

    Your Mr. Fusspot are very cute and braveness.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 10:02 AM  

  • LOL, Nancy you are most humor! I have laughings.

    By Blogger Helly, at 1:45 PM  

  • Mr. Fusspot to the rescue! What a cutie pie.

    By Blogger A Margarita, at 4:05 PM  

  • OK, that is a totally cute puppy story! :)

    And size apparently doesnt matter to dogs... My pup was viciously attacked at the dog run yesterday - by a tenny tiny little pug! The other dog was really on the attack (which, why bring such an antisocial dog to the run?) but it was kind of hilarious because he was biting at Mooj's neck and hanging off, and while Mooj was responding (crying), he was also so much bigger and totally not hurt at all, I just wanted to laugh. (Instead, we pulled them apart and the other owners held their dog down for a good 10 minutes to "train" him...)

    By Blogger Z, at 6:16 AM  

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