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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My fabulous friend Flippy writes, "This is me being productive and asking about you. I'll bet other people would like to know how you're doing, too. So, give us a girly parts update." And I shall oblige, because surely there can be nothing on the intarweb more fascinating than my girly parts.

I had a follow-up doctor visit on Tuesday afternoon. Much like the whole ordeal, things are neither as good nor as bad as they might be. She says that I'm about 89 - 90 percent healed, which would be great news if the bleeding would stop. We're not talking pints and quarts here but it's still annoying. As far as the excised tissue which was sent to the lab, the samples showed exactly the same as the biopsy: severe dysplasia with carcinoma in situ, which was good news in that nothing worse [coughcancercough] was hiding away there. However, there was one area that looked bad all the way to the edge of the sample, meaning there is a possiblity that she didn't get all the bad bits.

My doctor told me there was no point in further testing at the moment, because all it would show would be irritated/inflamed tissue, so I have to wait until I'm fully, totally healed. I return in April for a look-see and then we'll regroup. I have to have pap smears every 3 months or so until they get two normal results in a row although she said, "As aggressive as this is, I'll be fine with mild dysplasia". That didn't exactly comfort me.

I've talked to a couple of girlfriends who have been through this and it seems that the desired restoration of normalcy can be almost immediate or this can persist for years. Oh yay. But still, things aren't as bad as they might have been. No cancer, and there are many options to deal with this, so I'm feeling positive.

My friend Rachel told me that when hers kept recurring, "They told me having a baby would fix that - and NO, Helly, a new puppy doesn't count!" I told her I didn't feel ready for a solution so drastic and she replied, "It's just as well, having a baby didn't work for mine! I had to have surgery!" Yeah, but at least the surgery doesn't ask to borrow your car...


  • Thanks for the update. I wish you'd gotten the best possible results, but not the worst is still something.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 10:12 PM  

  • I was starting to wonder myself- thanks for the update. Having a child to take care of a medical problem seems a bit drastic :)

    By Blogger A Margarita, at 9:22 AM  

  • I thought I'd update after the doctor visit when I had real information, then of course time got away from me.

    Hee hee, Margarita, I agree. For her I think it was more that the time arrived when she wanted to have one anyway...

    My word verification is allaxnyl. Doesn't that sound like a new type of drug? If you have heart problems, male pattern baldness and poor bladder control, ask your physician about Allaxnyl!

    By Blogger Helly, at 2:23 PM  

  • Thanks for the update, Helly. I've had to catch up on your blog as I've been trapped in my own workplace weirdness as usual. Still lovin' you blog....still think you should publish a book...just sayin'...

    By Blogger basil, at 1:50 PM  

  • OK, a few things... First, this is the start of my comment-a-thon as I try to catch up on commenting on your posts since I've been such a slacker in the past few weeks.

    Next, it took someone I know (ahem, littlesis, ahem) about 2.5 years to get back to normal.

    Followed with, I *don't* think a baby would be the correct way to solve this (or anything) - glad you nipped that one in the bud!

    And ending with, I am apparently generating even more powers of mail-sending apathy (or something) because your box has been transferred from my desk at home to my desk at work, but STILL not sent. I am going to rip it open, re-write my notes and re-inventory, and then hopefully FINALLY send it. So, you know, expect it in 6 months or so... ;)

    By Blogger Z, at 6:12 AM  

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