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Friday, November 05, 2004

The ugly chair is gone! It was there last night when we left, but today it has disappeared. Will it return to our floor again, this time with even uglier upholstery and even scruffier wood? Or has it departed the building forever, to haunt furniture-abusers elsewhere?

I had a Dairy Queen Blizzard (butterfinger) for lunch today. Good nutrition is the priority of my life.

Last night, I helped a friend make grits for 25 people. He had to make a food item indicative of his heritage and had been assigned a breakfast dish. He said, "I'm Southern on both sides as far back as it goes...I guess we're making grits." It was either that, or take everybody to Waffle House. So we made a huge pot of grits, mixed in a bunch of American cheese and crumbled-up bacon, then spread the grits into a pan to set overnight. This morning, we cut them into squares and fried them in butter until both sides were golden-brown. Ah, cholesterol, how I love thee...

My housesitting gig is up at the end of this weekend. I've enjoyed the change of scenery for the most part, but I'll be glad to curl up in my very own bed again. I'm SOOO looking forward to seeing my fuzzy doggy again, too. I've visited the cat a couple of times but they're staying at different places and Sprocket is much further away so I haven't seen him at all. I miss the little guys.

I think a certain coworker of mine has a crush on Lurch. She keeps finding things for him to fix - finding them? Or breaking them? I suspect these repairs are being manufactured so she can compel him to spend more time in our suite. I just accused her of this and she giggled, notably not denying the allegations. Hmmm.



    RE: The chair; 2 words...
    sapient pearwood!

    RE: Lurch and the crush - you might as well have used her name; you have very few female co-workers. Shall I send an extra 'antiLurch' amulet?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:26 PM  

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