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Thursday, November 04, 2004

My mom really needs to get over this need for one-upmanship.

I win the weirdest adventure in voting! You had Fainting Girl, but I had........

(dramatic drum roll)

...a probable deceasement! That's right. A lady had collapsed just before I got to the polling place; two lady poll workers were performing CPR and mouth-to-mouth. Another person had run down to the Fire Department (the other end of the little strip building) to get a fireman with medical equipment and training, and the EMT's had been called. The lady never moved or made any sound the whole time I was in there, and the fireman did not use the 'paddles' he had with him. The EMT's, when they arrived, did start oxygen. I finished voting and had to leave just as another ambulance pulled in, followed by a sheriff's car.

That was all she knew yesterday, when she sent that e-mail, but today she reports that the lady actually did die. EEEK! I'll let this pass without any dead voter jokes - that's more Neal's thang.

Of course Momma knew her (she knows everybody in Cowshit). I don't remember ever meeting the poor lady myself but I sorta know her father, Mr. Ralph. He was an acquaintance of my granddaddy's and still lives near my folks. I used to see him driving up and down the main road all the time, which I noticed because I have long lusted for his car, a black, mint condition '59 T-Bird. We'd wave at each other. I still want that Thunderbird...



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