The Hellhole

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Reason #5,630 why I have the World’s Greatest Boss: this morning he says, "Have you been using that Amex gold card I gave you?"
Me: Yeah, I used it Friday to buy you lunch.
WGB: Well, give it back. You can’t have it anymore.
Me: Oh. Okay. [retrieve card from purse, hand over]
WGB: Here. I upgraded you to this platinum one instead.


Reason #5,631 why I have the World’s Greatest Boss: we are in the weekly SAM (stupid-ass meeting) and I am bored. I am also cold because it is November and therefore Lurch the Creepy Maintenance Man has thoughtfully turned the AC on full blast. A debate between two cow-orkers develops, about which I cannot possibly care less. I start drawing a caterpillar, some ducks and a frog on my agenda.
WGB (whispering): Have you fixed my printer yet?
Me: No, I haven’t had a chance. I’ve been sitting in this stupid meeting drawing a frog.
WGB: A farm?
Me: A frog. [shows agenda]
The WGB confiscates my agenda. Several bored meeting minutes later, it is returned. All the animals are now anatomically correct, and by ‘anatomically correct’ I mean ‘endowed with unusually gigantic male genitalia’.

I love my boss.



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