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Friday, July 03, 2015

Today is the anniversary of our first date, and we celebrate First-Dateversary along with wedding anniversaries, because we're dorks like that.  Most years we try to do dinner and a movie, since that's what we did on the first date, but there don't happen to be any movies out right now that both of us want to see.  We liked the Despicable Me movies so we want to see the minions one, but that's not out for another week or two.

We are both off today, so we started the celebration with lunch at our favorite neighborhood pub.  Then we stopped by Rhodes Bakery, where we got our wedding cakes and the cake for Alan's birthday party last year, to load up on cheese stars (yummm!) and some dessert items for later:  turtle brownies, cream cheese brownies, petit fours, white chocolate dipped pretzels - only a dozen of each though, so not so bad.  I'm totally lying about that; we got a sampling that included the aforementioned.  We then headed farther north to the Avenues at Webb Gin, an outdoor shopping mall which is really not that far from us but because of the many traffic lights and quite a lot of traffic, isn't particularly convenient so we don't go there all that often.

There is a big Barnes and Noble there, though, and we wanted to wander around the bookstore.  While I love the convenience and ease of Amazon, and those plus the instant gratification of the iPad's Kindle app, there's something special about just roaming around the bookstore.  The former two are mostly good only if you already know what you want; and although sometimes Amazon gives me good suggestions based on my purchasing history, sometimes they suggest something that makes me want to die of embarrassment and/or go a-shriving as I wonder what the hell I ever did that was so bad as to deserve that recommendation.  Alan bought one book - he likes Yotsuba but although I bought nine, five of them are tomes he wants to read as well (four Pratchetts, one Fforde) and he may want to read a sixth, a graphic novel I purchased called The King in Yellow, for which I have high hopes.

When we left there, we stopped at a frozen yogurt store (yes, despite all the delicious sweets in my trunk we bought more dessert elsewhere - it's First-Dateversary, rules don't apply!) and had a small treat.  Peachwave is self-serve - you pick your flavor and then add your toppings, so it doesn't have to be a huge, overwhelming amount. I had banana and Alan got cookies-n-cream.

Then we went a bit further down to Yankee Candle and bought a few new scents.  We love fresh, clean scents and YC is just the best.  There's one, lemon lavender, that I can smell when I pull into our garage when he's got it burning in his study at the other end of the house.  And hey, it's not like we have two big cartons of Yankee Candles sitting unopened in our front room.  Those of you who've been to my house recently, shut up!

Our last stop was American Eagle Outfitters.  I bought a long-sleeved tee there several months ago on a whim, and I love that shirt.  It is so soft and comfy!  I was hoping to find similar, but I didn't.  I did buy some lounge pants, though, which were on sale for 25% off.  I have two pairs of summer lounge pants but one pair was getting pretty worn-out and gross.  Well, actually, I have three pairs of summer lounge pants but since last summer I haven't been able to find my SpongeBob ones so I've just been wearing these two pink-patterened ones I got as a 2-pack at Sam's Club for $10 five or six years ago.  I've spilled nail polish and nail glue and unidentified substances on one pair several times, threads were coming unraveled, they were looking pretty skanky.  For reasons I cannot explain, I seem to have more accidents in this one (flowered) pair than I do the other (striped) pair.  So anyway I bought some A.E.O. lounge pants and resolved to throw the pink flowered pair away once we got home, which I did.  Then I changed into the new lounge pants and my sweet baby dog, Commander Vimes, came up to sniff me all over.

"You stink of hipster!" he said, which I felt was in no way fair comment, especially since I had paired the new lounge pants with my Green Lantern t-shirt.  Yeah, this is the same Green Lantern t-shirt that turned my shoulders, boobs and favorite bra green, but it doesn't do that any more after many launderings.

Okay, okay, so maybe I might have bought a few small tubs of buttercream icing from Rhode's Bakery as well.

Don't judge me.


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