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Saturday, June 13, 2015

While we were staying in downtown Atlanta, we often caught sight of the new streetcar, which is a total waste as far as I'm concerned because the cars are often broken down, always slow and look just like a stupid random train car instead of a cool streetcar like they have in San Francisco or New Orleans.  They're just this bluish purple bullet-shaped things with "streetcar" painted on them - 'cause that's helpful.

However, it was a great source of amusement because whenever he spotted one, Alan started chanting, "Monorail! Monorail!: from The Simpsons - it's so sad that Phil Hartman was killed.  What an effing waste.  Genuine bonafide six-car monorail!  So we'd be in the elevator and Alan would do this little juke-dance as he sang, "Monorail! Monorail!"  He put a picture of the streetcar on his FaceBook and added an Apu quote:  "Is there a chance the track would bend? "- and it was mere seconds before one of his friends replied, "Not on your life my Hindu friend!"

We got to watch American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown while eating snacks and h'ors douevres in the RC lounge - that was really bitchin' cool!  I think I was 9 or 10 the last time that happened, so - AWESOME!!!

Great time, all weekend.  This week as far as work goes has been pretty awful, but I shall last through.  In the meantime, my bud Phil told me about this hysterically funny movie - it's a satire of reality shows, as the camera crew follow vampires around.  I exaggerate, but not by much, when I write This Is Spinal Vamp - it's actually called What We Do In The Shadows, and it's warped, twisted and majorly funny.  I highly recommend you checking it out.


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