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Monday, June 15, 2015

My car has a data screen that displays various bits of information, among them the artist and song title of whatever is currently playing.  There is a character limit, which was a source of great amusement to me during this afternoon's commute.

In other news, I have discovered Commander Vimes's kryptonite.  All the doggies take pills each day:  Mister Fusspot takes Ocu-Glo for his eyes, Vimes takes apoquel to calm his itches and everyone gets Benadryl, especially during pollen season.  For some time, Kraft American singles worked fine for disguising medicine but the boys have grown bored with it.  Esme is still all about the cheese.  I switched to those meaty pill pockets, which worked for a while but now there's about a fifty-fifty chance of those being scorned, as well.  With Mister Fusspot, about all we can do is offer the treat (whether cheese- or meat-coated) multiple times until he finally eats it or we give up in frustration.

Quite by accident when trying out some new treats for variety's sake, I discovered that Commander Vimes has a deep and abiding love for peanut butter.  I know most dogs like it, but he'd rather have peanut butter than meat.  I think he'd eat a cotton ball if I slapped enough Jif onto it.  Now whenever he scorns his pill pocket, I tell him something like, "I've got your number, buddy," or "Nice try but I've evolved past your trickery!" and glob some peanut butter around the outside of his medicine.

I've also been filling his Kong with peanut butter periodically and he loves that.  The first time I gave Kongs to Mister Fusspot and Esme, they looked at me with an expression that was equal parts mildly irritated and vaguely insulted, like, "You expect us to work for our treats?!?  Have you the brain-worms?!?" but Vimes loves his Kong.  He's such a fun, happy little guy.  


  • I like Vimes. :-) Matilda would have died or killed for peanut butter, but Bonnie has been denied that joy for obvious reasons. She will actually take her tennis ball over any food. Our athletic child.

    By Blogger Nancy H, at 6:51 AM  

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