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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's been a busy few days but in a fun, social way.  Last Wednesday I went to my friend Krissy's painting party where we were doing lawn art/decorations (and eating lots of snacks!).  I painted this pretty butterfly - at least I hope it's pretty - if you think otherwise, don't tell me.

The lady who runs the parties gave me a picture for reference but it wasn't a paint-by-numbers thing.  It was just me, trying.  She did the silver bow for me at the top.

In this photo it is hanging in my garage but we had it hanging out by the pool Sunday (more on this later).

The lawn-art-painting-lady also had pieces she'd done herself for sale and I bought one that said "POOL" where the P and L were letters but one O was the sun and another was a beach ball.  We had both of those hanging on the back of the house facing the pool when Nancy's family came over Sunday!

But in the meantime, on Saturday night we had dinner with friends Anne and Rick here.  The four of us had a favorite Italian restaurant which, much to our regret, closed a bit over a year ago.  We gripe about it, dine elsewhere and lament the loss of Chianti, but Saturday at Provino's, we had a great dinner (and a lovely time with lovely friends) and hope it can become a regular thing for us.  While it won't be the same, it still has potential.

Then on Sunday, as mentioned,  I was hosting a small pool party.  In the days leading up to the gathering, I had said to Alan probably a half-dozen times, and to myself at least 2.5 times that, that I wasn't going to overdo it.  Because I always overdo it when folk come over, I always do.  But Sunday, I totally didn't over do it! 


Um, yeah.  THREE people were coming over, and besides this, Alan was going to grill burgers and brats, and we had sides and chips.

Yeah, I overdo it.  It's my thing.  It's what I do.

BTW Nancy brought that tabouli which was lovely!

I've tried to think of a nice, neat conclusion for a few minutes but all I've been able to think of is, "I love my friends and I'm so glad I have them!"

And here's a puppy.


  • Beautiful butterfly; talented girl. Handsome mandog!

    So proud of all of you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:13 AM  

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