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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A thread on a forum I frequent reminded me of my experience with Radish Man many years ago.  Have I ever told you guys about Radish Man?  If I have, it's probably been long enough that you don't remember either. One day I was shopping at one of the warehouse stores and got in line to check out.  In front of me was an older gentleman who was buying one thing and one thing only:  radishes.  But he was buying what must have been every single radish in the store - seriously, the belt was completely full of radishes - radishes and nothing else, not even a keg of ranch dressing.

Of course I didn't say anything to him because I think it's rude to comment on the purchases of strangers, except maybe to ask where they found a particular item, but I wondered then, and still wonder, when Radish Man happens to cross my mind, what on earth someone does with that many radishes.  If I saw someone buying copious amounts of fruit, I'd think jam or jelly making, or maybe canning.  But this was a metric shit-ton of radishes; even if you were making crudite platters for 1,000 people, you wouldn't need anywhere near the amount of radishes that he was buying.  BTW, these were the tiny, round, red radish variety, so he wasn't making horseradish sauce; that's a different radish.  While it's certainly possible for someone to have a deep and abiding fondness for radishes, it seems like so many would go bad before he could consume them, as much as he was buying.

Seriously, Radish Man - what were you going to do with that many crates of radishes???


  • This sounds disgusting beyond words, but it is, apparently, a thing.

    But I'm not buying it as the radish explanation. It's too easy.

    By Blogger Nancy H, at 10:36 PM  

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