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Sunday, January 18, 2015

"I hope I never get so old that I can go into Toys R Us without seeing tons of stuff I want!" declared I, as I exited Toys R Us with a giant bag after having spent $70.58.  No, it's not a niece or nephew's birthday - I needed a Rocket Raccoon plushie, a Rocket Raccoon action figure, a dancing baby Groot and a wee plushie mooshroom.

Actually, that's not true; the mooshroom was for Alan.

The dancing baby Groot has a built-in tune, but he also reacts to ambient music and sound.  I'm going to try to upload a video to Instagram later of him dancing to "California Sun" by the Ramones, because each time they get to the lyric, "They twist, and I twist", baby Groot actually twists.  Yes, watching Guardians of the Galaxy re-cemented Rocket Raccoon as my favorite Marvel Comics hero.  (My favorite DC Comics hero is of course the incomparable Neil Gaiman's Sandman.  I still love you too though, Batman.)

Currently reading Amy Poehler's memoir, Yes Please.  I haven't formed a definitive opinion just yet - it's interesting enough and entertaining enough for me to keep reading, but I find her constant whinging about how hard it is to write a book tiresome.  It is not hard to write a book.  It is pathetically easy and facile to write a book; I think what Amy actually means (and I'd agree with this) is that it is difficult to write a good book.  But those are different things.

That griping aside, Amy Poehler has written the funniest sentence I think I have ever, or will ever, read.  She is discussing her inherent tendency to snoop and writes about finding, in her parents' room, "...some well-worn copies of Playboy that seem positively charming compared to the up-close butt fisting that pops up on my computer these days when I am trying to order salad tongs from Target."


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