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Monday, January 19, 2015

Several years ago, my phone rang and it was The Boss.  He said, utterly without preamble and completely devoid of context, "Hey, what kind of soup do I like?"  I suppose it says something about the longevity or the closeness of our relationship that I didn't even need it narrowed down to a specific cuisine before I answered, "Hot and sour soup.  And you want fried won ton strips."  The client placed the catering order and all was well.

Subsequently, I found a FANTASTIC recipe for hot and sour soup (email me if you want it; it's truly fabulous) and when I make it, I usually bring him a few containers of individual servings.  Today, I took advantage of my day off to make a Crock-Pot of lovely soup, and I emailed The Boss.  "I am making Chinese soup today if you want any."

He replied, "Is that pints or quarts?  I need to know which cooler to bring."

My boss is a Chinese soup pig.

In other sports news, my Chinese soup recipe requires organic tofu.

As opposed to what, exactly?!? Man-made plastic tofu?!?

Errgh, honestly.

(My dog says he wants, and I should use, bacon tofu.  I don't think he gets the point.)


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