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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Rush is touring this year and it's rumored that it may be their last big tour.  Matt, Bo and I are huge Rush fans and have been for many many years, since before we were teenagers.  Because of varying circumstances through the years, we have never been able to go to a Rush concert together, all three of us.  A couple of times we were all at the same show, but not sitting together.   In 2012,  Matt and I went to Clockwork Angels together, but Bo had a gig himself and couldn't attend.  This time, though, we are all free of extraneous obligations and all have enough money for tickets, so THIS TIME, we all get to go together!

Except TicketMaster had to ruin things.  I was online, logged in to my account well before the 10:00 AM start time of the sale.  I have a TicketMaster account tied to a valid credit card with plenty of credit so it should have been a simple matter of clicking 6, clicking best available and done.  Except.  This is the email I just sent TicketMaster, which you have to read in this guy's voice, and if you don't understand why that's necessary, I don't know how to help you:

I don't have a question; I want you to know that I hate you.  My brothers and I have been Rush fans since before we were even teenagers but because of various circumstances, we have rarely been able to attend a Rush show together.  This time we were going to, but thanks to your horrible website and both your visual and audio captchas rejecting me EIGHT times, even though I am obviously not a bot, I was not able to buy tickets until almost 10:20 and now we have utterly crap seats.  You have ruined for us what is rumored to be Rush's last big tour.  I will not close by threatening never to use Ticketmaster again; we both know that I will when some band that I cannot bear to miss goes on tour.  But I will not like it; I hate you and your terrible purchasing process.  Worst.  Ticket-buying. Experience. Ever.

I know they won't care, but it made me feel better.  TicketMaster.  I hates them.

Talking on the phone to my brother Bo, who comments on the above:  I understand that you guys want to be money-grubbing, thieving bastards, but you're so bad at it!


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