The Hellhole

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tonight I was grumbling because I'd ordered a new Patagonia sweater (Patagonia is my new thing - if they had feety pajamas I'd live in them) and I'd just done a whole bunch of laundry, so everything we owned was clean, and I did not have the right size or type hanger to hang my new Patagonia.  My mom has spoiled me because since she's been volunteering at a consignment charity shop, she's brought me lots of round plastic hangers upon which people donate items, but they don't use those hangers at the shop; she brings them to me and I've been throwing out the wire ones from the dry cleaners. But everything was clean so I didn't have any good ones.

*grumble grumble grumble* went I. 

Alan:  You know, they sell them at Target.  You can buy some.

Me:  Go to Target?!?  The one by the mall?!?  On Christmas Eve eve?!?  Are you MAD?!?!?!

Alan: [in a total space commander voice] Perhaps.  But that's not important right now!!!

Here are some more pictures from the Atlanta Botanical Garden holiday lights, taken by Alan:

Cornfield of lights.

Dale Chihuly sculpture that tops a fountain.


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