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Sunday, March 10, 2013

YUM!  Several years ago, my brother Bo made us this great dessert:  mixed berries topped with mascarpone cheese mixed with confectioners' sugar, flavored with vanilla and almond extract.  Delicious!  During our stay at the Beechwood Inn, the first course of breakfast one morning was blueberries and raspberries topped with yogurt.  These two things gave me an idea, and on Friday I made this snack.

It's Publix's berry mix - blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries - topped with Chobani Greek yogurt in lemon flavor.  Wonderful!  Maybe not as good as Bo's original, but far less caloric.  To paraphrase Robert Fripp, Dessert Quite Acceptable!

Yesterday in Atlanta was unseasonably warm, to the extent that I ran errands without a jacket -  yes! me! warm enough!  I was surprised too.  So we took advantage of the warm weather to launder the puppies.

Freshly laundered Mister Fusspot.  See how fluffy his plumy-tail is?  It is even fluffier fully dried and in motion.

Freshly laundered Esme, who was not happy about the experience.

I don't have a picture of freshly laundered Vimes.  He feels that bathtime should be a private matter.

However, here is a picture of him in his 'Yotes jersey.  He has decided to back the Phoenix Coyotes.  (Mister Fusspot is a Penguins fan, like his dear departed brother Sprocket, and Esme follows her uncle's lead in cheering for the mighty Leafs.)

Lastly - try this dessert.  You won't be sorry.

(Doesn't that raspberry on the bottom left look luscious?!?  Trust me, it was!)


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