The Hellhole

Monday, December 03, 2012

Yesterday we were killing time at Target, waiting for Alan's prescription to be filled.  We were wandering in the seasonal aisles and came upon these Christmas stockings with initials on them.  When I approached, the ones in front were "B", "C", "N" and "A".  I rearranged them and started looking through all four pegs in search of an "O" so I could spell BACON - because everyone loves bacon, and what would be better than a stocking filled with BACON?!?  Nothing, according to my puppies.  Target thwarted me, however, by a complete and utter absence of any "O" stockings.  WTH, Target?  What about little Orville and Ophelia and Olivia and Otis and Oscar and Octavia?  Are they to have NOTHING for Christmas?!?  Quelle outrage!  (I'm not worried about little Omar; he's Zoroastrian.)

So because I could not spell BACON with the Target Christmas stockings, my husband expressed his creativity.


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