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Friday, May 25, 2012

After attending our most recent Wilco concert, Alan and I started talking about how we both saved ticket stubs, though we never did anything with them except clutter up a drawer, and once we realized that we had most of the ticket stubs from the concerts we'd attended together, including our first one as a couple, we decided that I would make a concert scrapbook. We rounded up all the ticket stubs we could find and I emailed Afton, who makes beautiful scrapbook pages of her gorgeous children. She gave me lots of helpful advice and useful tips, and I was off to the craft store.

These are my first few efforts. I realize there is a large blank space on them; I plan to write a little blurb, not as long as a blog post or concert review, but just little tidbits such as: the tickets to Robert Fripp were a Valentine's Day gift from Alan, Bo and Phil went too and thanks to them we had front row, the Radiohead tickets were a birthday gift from me to Alan, X (the House of Blues page) we went to Las Vegas to attend with our much-missed friends Flippy and Leigh-Anne - things like that. However, I need to take the pages to the office where I have a much nicer laser printer to print out the blurbs, so I can adjust the fonts and font size to fit the available space.

I made 8 pages in all. We had both our tickets for every show except two, Gillian Welch and Adrian Belew Power Trio. For those, I'd done the Ticketmaster "print now" option, so those were just sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper with a barcode and we didn't keep them. To have some info on those shows, I printed out the concert calendar listing/summary from Creative Loafing and a couple of pictures, and put both those shows on one page. They were within a couple of weeks of each other anyhow.

Now we have to go to more concerts so I can make more pages! I already have tickets to Rush, but that isn't until November. Today Alan told me he wants to go to this show next month in Athens, so there are at least two more forthcoming. I may attempt a pet scrapbook next; the craft store had loads of pet-themed decorations and stickers.

Those pointy things at the bottom aren't part of the page; they're my kitchen cabinet handles, upon which I propped the pages in order to take pictures without so much glare and shadow. Once I'm done entirely, and have the little blurbs in, I'll go over the entire page with Mod Podge so you don't see those darkened circles around the objects I already Mod Podged. Modded Pogged. Or something.


  • Nice work! There used to be a scrapbooking store in Athens that had great big craft tables where you could actually sit and make pages. They supplied lots of tools for cutting and gluing, but of course you were expected to buy all the design elements that you didn't generate yourself. It was awesome, but it closed very soon after I made my initial foray into scrapbooking. But I wonder if there is such a thing near you?

    By Blogger Nancy Heiges, at 8:07 PM  

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