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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vimes, the new dog, is fitting in wonderfully. He knows 'sit' and 'stay' and he's already learned his new name. He sits and waits patiently until his name is called when we hand out important treats, like beef jerky or cheese. Every time I sit down on the couch, he jumps instantly into my lap. He has started playing tuggers with Esme; he loves toys and will run and fetch his miniature tennis ball as long as we keep throwing it. Sometimes he gets this amazed look in his eyes as he surveys the array of toys he's strewn across the rug, like he doesn't know what to play with first.

Generally, he is the sweetest, most loving little fellow. He follows us everywhere and is very affectionate. It breaks my heart to think he'd have been destroyed if I hadn't gone up there and been...persuasive. (Alan says 'demanding'.) He had a heartworm test at our vet's last Saturday and was well-behaved, sitting quietly while blood was drawn. The test was negative, he's fine - so our last hurdle is behind us and we have a new family member.

His personalized tag with our address and phone number arrived in today's mail, making it official. I just can't imagine why someone dumped him. I want to cry looking in his little eyes - how could someone just abandon him, HOW?!?!? But hey, good luck for me, I have a new sweetling!!!

Tonight we met Mom for dinner and then went to BJs to get our new fire pit. On Saturday when she'd come up to have dinner with us (grilled flank steak and portobellos, yummmmmm!) I'd asked if she'd mind going with us to get it because it wouldn't fit in my car, but Mom has a PT Cruiser. She said sure and then said she'd like to buy it for us as an anniversary gift; our anniversary is coming up next month. So that was even better.

After a little wrangling, we got the fire pit home, assembled and set up on the back patio. It was too windy last night to have our inaugural fire, though, so that will have to wait until tomorrow night or the weekend. I'm looking forward to it.


  • Maybe he was just lost? I don't understand how people can abandon their pets, either. I'm really glad he found you!

    By Blogger Still Trying, at 1:04 PM  

  • Alan suggested that possibility, given the way he bolted on us. But he didn't have tags or a collar on when he was apprehended, so I think it was deliberate. No one reclaimed him during his weeks at the shelter, either. Ours have tags with their name, ours, address and phone number. Plus, they are microchipped (including Vimes). The shelter did it before I picked him up.

    By Blogger Helly, at 1:19 PM  

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