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Saturday, October 01, 2011

So on Thursday we went to see Wilco here. I have many great compliments to pay about that venue. The acoustics were fabulous, everyone was friendly and the seating was great. I can't exaggerate how wonderful the sound is at that place. Nick Lowe opened for Wilco and he plus his guitar was a fantastic opening act. I didn't care one way or the other going into it, but OH. MY. GOODNESS., was he great! If he were to tour by himself, I'd very much like to see his show - he was that good.

Then Wilco came on and did about 9 songs off their new album, and the rest off the yes, seven, I think, though Alan is much more the Wilco fan. They did 2 of my 3 favorites but I missed "Handshake Drugs". "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" and "A Shot In The Arm" are my other most preciouses, and off the new album I like "I Might" and "Dawned On Me". It was a wonderful show and the sound was incredible. Loud doesn't equal superlative, and it's great when bands realize this and mix accordingly.

After seeing Wilco in Montgomery, and loving the way that we walked out of the concert, down the hall to the elevator and up to our room, instead of fighting traffic out of the parking deck and driving an hour to get home, we decided to stay right by the Cobb Energy Centre. We stayed at an Embassy Suites which, when we got there, did not have our room ready. We were carefree about it and said we'd go get a snack while we waited, but the receptionist kept offering up options. We could have a room with double beds instead of a king! (No.) We could have one without a bathtub, just a shower! (No.) We could have a smoking room! (No. Really, it's fine, we'll just go over here and have a snack, and you let us know.) Well, what if we give you a suite at no additional charge? (No, really, it's oka-wait, what? Yeah, yeah, that will do!) So we got a suite for the night at the cost of a room, YEAAAAH!

We ate a leisurely dinner at the hotel restaurant, which was full of dorks, furries and anime fans because an anime con was starting the following day. People-watching was good at that meal, let me tell you. Then we walked across to the concert, and I was totally THRILLED because we saw the guys who sat in the row in front of us at Wilco-Montgomery!

We had been talking about them and hoping we'd see them, after they chatted with us and hung out a bit at the earlier show, but it seemed like such a long shot that we didn't really expect to run into them. After locating our (CHOICE!!!) seats, I decided to go buy a drink and while I was waiting in line, I saw the guys walk past. I pointed at one of them and called, "Hey! Don't I know you from Montgomery?!?" It was so fun, because they had been talking about us too, and saying, 'I wonder if we'll see that couple from Conyers?' - and they came over and we talked a bit before Nick Lowe took the stage.

It was a great concert - the band was wonderful. Nels Cline is great, Glenn Kotche is incredible, and don't even get me started on the innovation, imagery and artistry that is Jeff Tweedy. W00t, it was too much fun, and then today I went to my friend Brooke's birthday Barbie Glam Party!

Okay, my friend Brooke just turned four - I brought two sparkly fairy Barbies and I actually frosted cupcakes (hey, I love Brooke and her parents). We made nacho cups and Mexican dips and a Barbie cake - well, really Beth and Tammy made the Barbie cake, I just observed. There was a bouncy castle with a giant slide...I'm kind of pissed because at NONE of my birthdays did I ever have a bouncy castle with a slide - but I guess it doesn't help to be bitter. Still. Bouncy castle. I want one. And Wilco playing in the backyard.


  • I saw Wilco perform in college (about 8 years ago) - they put on a pretty good performance.

    And bouncy castles??? I covet!

    By Blogger A Margarita, at 8:31 AM  

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