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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last night was one of the best concerts EVER, a tsunami of pure awesomeness. We went to see the Adrian Belew Power Trio and the Stick Men at Variety Playhouse. Hmm, which was the best part? Sleepless? No. Having tickets that included soundcheck and a meet-and-greet! No, wait - Thela Hun Ginjeet! Definitely Thela. No, it was introducing Adrian and my brother by saying, "Mr. Belew? Mr. Ballew". Wait, but then there was getting some DVD swag and CD goodness. But getting Adrian, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Julie Slick and Tobias Ralph to sign said swag was even cooler. Hanging out with Bo and Sarah is always a great time too. No, wait, Frame By Frame! B'Boom! Elephant Talk! Three of A Perfect Pair!!

No, wait, I've decided! The really really best part was DINOSAUR!

Except I left out talking to Tony Levin! I said, "I can't think of anything to say without sounding like a total syncophantic fanboy, so I'm just going to say thank you for all the great music." He laughed and said, "You are so very welcome! But whatever you said, it would have been fine." OMG, Alan just noticed something and now I have yet another Best Thing! Look! There are two pictures of me (and Bo and Sarah and one of Alan!) on Tony Levin's web page!

Now that you've read my review of the Best. Concert. EVAH., here is Alan's take on events: all I heard was a bunch of noodley prog-rock guitar wankery and atonal honking, but in the middle of the noodliest, honkingest parts, every time I looked over at Helly and Bo, I could tell they were following along note for note with the music and knew the entire piece by heart.

Why yes. Yes we did. And remember, making fun of my prog-rock gods is no way to get laid, son.


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