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Monday, July 18, 2011

Depicted on the right is the new barbecue grill I purchased for my husband. On the left is my mom, who I did not have to purchase but who took me to pick up the barbecue grill because it wouldn't fit in my tiny two-seater roadster. It almost didn't fit in her PT Cruiser, either; I had to ride in the back cargo bay all scrunched up where I totally DID NOT spend the drive home making faces and thumbing my nose at cars behind us, because I have totally grown out of that phase, no matter what you may hear to the contrary from, say, the Rockdale County constabulary.

She bought Alan that green canopy/tent thing so he could be in the shade as he grilled.

A tasty marinated flank steak and portobello mushrooms. Told y'all you should have come over.

Renovations are underway inside The Hellhole (the real one, not the virtual one). Matt has hooked up the ice-maker in our new fridge and installed a new kitchen faucet, along with some repair of kitchen sink pipes/valves/fittings/thingies. "Thingy" is a very important word in home improvement lexicon.
Here is Alan enjoying ice cubes from our new ice-maker,

and a tasty glass of chilled water from the dispenser in front.

This is our new kitchen faucet assembly.

This is the destruction that is Step One of the renovation of the front bathroom.

This is the destruction also featuring Matt's butt, for his wife Tammy's enjoyment because she is out of town visiting friends and family in Vegas. Or so she says. But can we be sure? Because what happens in Vegas...(you know the rest).

Saturday night I ripped up the tile in our laundry room and tomorrow Matt is going to install new flooring. Here is our spokesmodel Alan, displaying the new tile I have chosen.

It is imitation, obviously, but looks like Travertine. I like it and I think the neutral grey color bodes well for the future. I may even use it in the front bathroom, when the time comes that there is once again a floor upon which to tile.


  • It's like you're getting a new house after all with all the renovations! It's probably hard to have things in a state of chaos, but the results are looking great.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 12:13 PM  

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