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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Purrrrrrrrr...I am a happy, relaxed girl. I got home from Anne & Rick's house about an hour and a half ago, and now I'm blogging and drinking a glass of wine after having some cheese and crackers (pretty much my favorite dinner). Among other talents, my buddy Rick happens to be a licensed massage therapist and not long ago, they turned one of their upstairs rooms into a massage room. It's totally spa-tastic! He has his massage table in there, mood lighting, a couple of small tables holding candles, a stereo system for soothing music/nature sounds - it was fabulous! Also, he uses some wonderful massage lotion delicately scented with a secret ingredient (which I know but I'm not telling - go get a massage from Rick to experience it!!!).

I thought I might feel odd about having one of my friends - moreover, the husband of one of my BFF's - seeing so many of my body parts and touching me all over. I knew he wouldn't; it's totally clinical to someone in that profession. A leg is just a leg, as it were - but I wondered if it'd be weird for me. Totally not, it was better than fine. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he's the best masseuse I've ever experienced! Not that I have a hugely extensive sampling, but damn! Rick is a talented masseuse. It wasn't awkward at all and I feel WONDERFUL.

Once I dressed and went downstairs, Anne asked me, "So how was it?" I replied, "If I could purr, I'd be doing it!"

Mmmmm, it was delicious.

If you live anywhere in the metro Atlanta area, particularly on the east side, I highly recommend a massage by Rick. Send me an e-mail; I'll hook you up.


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