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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I desperately want to post but nothing of interest has occurred. I was going to do this 4x4 meme that Z did: go to your pictures folder, choose the fourth folder and the fourth picture. However, that folder turned out to be pictures of my leg wound from last month and the fourth picture is this really gory picture I took of the bloody towel, because I was both fascinated and appalled by how much it bled. And that's not the sort of thing I want to just spring on people who innocently happen by to read the latest Skanky Neighbor Update.

So I doubled it and here is the 8x8 photo:
This is from one of the family reunions for Alan's mom's family. It's held at a very old church way out in the country and there are lots of very old graves. This one is comparatively new, only 112 years old. I think 1828 is the oldest one I took a picture of - there are some even older than that but they're so worn that although you can read them in person, they don't photograph well.

The most interesting photo I took at the church is this framed rendering of The Last Supper. I don't know if you can tell from a photo of a picture, but it's a THREE-D Last Supper. I plot to steal that 3-D Last Supper every single year, and every single year sweet older relatives of Alan's are visiting with me and I never get a clear shot at it. Yes, I'm aware that I'd go straight to a center seat on the front row, or at least somewhere in the orchestra section, of hell for stealing a 3-D Last Supper from a church but I think that's a small price to pay, don't you? Anyway, I'm Catholic so if I confess and say sorry and am (ahem!) appropriately penitent, it won't count against me. I really like that in a religion.

In other Last Supper news, Alan says he once gave Sandy a 3-D Last Supper while she was away at Basic Training.

Of course, in terms of religious art, Alan's dad has the best story. [Side note: I love talking to Mr. Bowman but I especially ESPECIALLY love it when he tells a story that starts with, "This one old guy I had on probation..." or "So one time I had this sorry guy on probation..."] Well, so anyway, unrelated to when he was a probation officer, when he worked with the Boy Scouts, he was visiting this elderly black lady's house way out in the sticks, and she had this cypress stump picture - if you've never seen that, in the South they often slice cross-sections of cypress trees and make clocks or mount pictures and similar stuff, so you have a varnished irregular circle of wood with bark around the perimeter and a picture/clock/decoration in the center. Ooh! Like this! (The burns...) So this lady had a cypress 3-D picture of JFK, RFK and MLK together, arms around each other's shoulders and the caption, "Brothers Together In Heaven". I'd steal that, too, but my father-in-law pretends not to remember where she lives.


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  • Yes, yes, I'm VERY abstract. And abstruse! Most highly abstruse!

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  • haha, if you don't steal it, I might have to... :)

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