The Hellhole

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mister Fusspot laughs after he conquers the peak of Mount Husband.

Devil Dog

I don't know if you can tell from that one, but we've had a cold snap which forced us to winterize our puppeh. He's wearing a hoodie.

You can see his hoodie a little better here; later on I'll try to get a picture with the hoodie AND his iPod earbuds in. He should be the Apple spokesdog.


  • Adorable!!!

    By Blogger Z, at 12:44 PM  

  • Mr. FP looks like the happiest lil' dog ever!! So sweet :)

    By Blogger L&K, at 6:30 PM  

  • I love the laugh! He is sooo cute! Just wait until he gets his mean-man-dog collar!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:31 AM  

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